Here we are..

I’ve got a meet next Saturday. Tomorrow will be my last weightlifting session before the meet. Then all cardio and possibly some yoga up until meet day. I’m certain I can press 205, maybe more. This is going to be good.

Here’s this week’s offering:

Oatmeal with cottage cheese

Ricotta and berries with almonds

Dirty rice (turkey, chicken andouille sausage, brown rice and a ton of spices)
OR Chicken Caesar.

Apple and String cheese

Ahi, couscous and salad
OR Grilled chicken, brown rice and salad

Chocolate mousse w/protein powder

The woman paid Beauregard’s emergency bill. Unfortunately, Diablo View nickels and dimes you to death. I do like Dr. Schroeder though. The last guy gave him Rimadayl, which you should never prescribe for a Doberman. Never sulfur drugs actually. His tubes are out, but I’m fighting to keep his back drained. His stitches come out on Wednesday. And now a wine review, which I don’t believe I did yet.

Collaboration Pinot Noir. MMMMmmm good. This is brought to us by the same guys that brought us Seven Peaks a few years ago. Michael got me cases of that stuff at $4 per bottle because they were bankrupt. At $16.99 Andronico style for this bad boy, they’re going to go bankrupt again. This is a very good Pinot. A pretty wine is what Fifi would call this one.

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