Laughlin, NV

It’s like being in Hell. You can’t breathe through all of the smokers and you can’t eat in that damned town. The River Palm is a huge hotel with the world’s oldest HVAC system. You can barely breathe fresh air even on the the non-smoking floors. Luckily it was cold outside so fresh air could be found if you went somewhere alone.

How do you mess up a baked potato? Ask the River Palm, they did it. How do you screw up hof brau style prime rib? Ask the River Palm they did it. Their food is designed for old people (like over 70 old) who can’t taste the difference anyway. How I managed to lift on that garbage is a mystery to me, but I did. I walked over to the Golden Nugget in the morning for some Starbucks since there was no in room coffee. Had a blueberry muffin just because I figured Starbucks wasn’t going to poison me. I lifted at 10:30 that day so I went back to the room, had my coffee drank a bit of water and waited. I had a ProMax bar about 20 minutes before I went down to warm up and away we went. After the bench I went over to Subway and got a sandwich on whole wheat bread with cheese steak, a slice a provolone and some Chipolte goo on it. Nothing else. No damage and that’s a good thing. That’s the last I ate in Laughlin. I waited until the next day in Vegas to eat again. I just couldn’t bear to deal with crappy food any more. I will be back on BFL today. In Vegas I went to Mon Ami Gabi, my favorite lunch spot and had a couple of glasses of Laurent Perrier, an order of garlic toast with goat cheese baked in a ramikin with a tomato sauce, then it was Quiche Lorraine with a lovely baby green salad. Finished it off with an espresso and vanilla bread pudding with a caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream on top. That’s all I ate yesterday and it was more than enough. I feel surprisingly good and ready to be back on track today. I’m off to my e-diets page to plan this weeks food.

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