Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

At the end of the week…

I had an epic free day yesterday. There was a bit of un-needed stress last week. A neighbor’s housekeeper left their front door open while taking out the trash. The pit bull came running out of the house and attacked my Doberman. The owner pulled up just as it was happening, jumped out of the car and pulled her dog off of Beau. $829 later, Beau is home, resting, but pretty damn cranky about this change. OK the satellite dish sucks and the t-shirt tied in a knot is kind of faggoty. He’s hoping that he doesn’t have to wear Daisy Dukes too.

Free Day

Waffles and blueberry syrup
Buckhorn’s Chipolte tri tip sandwich with fries and a Dr. Pepper
Key lime bar from Andronicos
Chocolate Bar from TJ’s
Rum raisin ice cream
NY steak
Baked potato with butter
A lovely Pinot by Collaboration, the folks that brought me Seven Peaks…
A lemon bar

Weight 211
Fat 35.3
BMI 35.9

This weeks menu
1. Oatmeal with cottage cheese
2, apple/banana and string cheese
3. dirty rice with chicken sausage and ground turkey or a tortilla with l/f cheese and black beans and salsa
4. 1/2 london broil sandwich
5. fish, pasta and salad
6. ricotta cheese and fruit


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