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It’s a long long road, from which there is no return

Today’s Chronicle had this little tidbit.

Thomas had a deep voice, full beard, chest hair and even signs of male pattern baldness, Dr. Margaret Weirman testified.

Oh yeah, and she was getting a shave when the tester showed up. Bad form sports fans. And she testified that she wasn’t doing steroids. Really? I love the part where she weighed 50 pounds more than she does now. Today, also in the Chronicle, Scott Oster suggested that the Giants added to their staff by subtracting 240 unwanted pounds. Pretty harsh on Mr. Bonds, but that just comes with the cloud of suspicion that hangs over him. Power lifters get tested too. Somehow they’ve never tested me, (I don’t do anything I shouldn’t) but they did test one of my 65 year old friends. That one always makes me giggle. The Colonel’s Wife would never break any rule under any circumstances, but they tested her. They also tested this woman that showed up exactly once down in Southern California. It was such a joke at the time that it still sticks out in my mind. She came in with ridiculous musculature, pimples all up her forearms, a receding hairline and a voice deeper than mine. All of us regulars looked at each other and raised our collective eyebrows. She initially won everything she entered, but that didn’t hold. They tested her butt THAT DAY. Thanks for playing our game, she was outta there. I’ll never understand why people have to cheat like that. If you aren’t good enough just go do something else or work harder, but cheating is for losers.

Speaking of power lifting, I finally got back into the gym for a decent workout this morning. I can’t tell you how great that felt after hacking my way through every day since the first week in March. I’ve been taking the dogs on a three mile walk every other day, but I don’t see that turning into a partial jog for at least another week. I’ve been told that one day the hack just disappears. I cannot wait for that day.


  • The Brother

    You wonder why Missy’s “don’t cheat” override switch didn’t kick in, and you also wonder why the “I’m destroying my body” switch didn’t kick in. I’ve always been amazed by people who cheat, but I’m more amazed by people who, involved in sport, are arguably concerned with their health and the condition of their body, but are so hell-bent on winning that they will poison themselves. They either are numb to what they do to themselves, or have their priorities so ass backwards that reaching their goal becomes such an overriding priority that destruction of their honor, credibility, and health no longer matter. I don’t get it.

  • dolphyngyrl

    Uh… kinda like anorexics & bulemics? Especially those that are involved in sports and trying to make a weight class?

    By the way, SweetPea and I make a class couple right about now. I can barely hear, she can barely speak. We’ve been having a lot of conversations that involve the phrase “you know I can’t hear you, right?”

  • The Brother

    Yeah, kind of like anorexics and bulemics, especially high school kids trying to make weight by not eating, dehydrating, and passing out.

  • Wine Dog

    I see a lot of power lifters doing that. In Hawaii there was this dude who was on the stairmaster literally the whole time (about an hour) we were in line to weigh in. His girlfriend was holding his spot in line. He was barely cognizant he was so worn down from trying to make weight. This guy was in the 140 range. He made weight but that’s so hard on your body. I’m do so much better being fat and happy.

  • judir6

    That cycling chick is trying to blame Hammer Endurolyte capsules for testing positive. I use Hammer stuff all the time and I don’t have facial hair. They are a trip, you know? Did you see Celebrity Rehab? Chyna was on it for having anger issues – ummm, maybe because she was on roids for so long?

  • Skip-itty-doodah

    and to think Bev Francis never got busted even though she looked like Arnold without the….wait for it….Austrian Accent of course…oh you dirty minded folks!

    I have no problem with roids…but…lets just throw it all on the table…if you do roids you belong in a diffent catagory separate the two natural and chemical fields and let the games begin.

    However I do hate the hypochrocy (sp?) that body builders profess…Oh don’t eat that bad crap…egg whites only and “natural” foods…but secretly slip the needle under their tongue?…you’ve fooled no one when you look like a living cartoon character!

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