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It is time for you to laugh instead of crying

I did a little research the other night, because that’s what us title officers like to do. Did you know that the price of a gallon of gas in 1998 was $1.07 average per gallon. On January 20, 2001 it was $1.57. Today it’s $3.65. That’s over 300% inflation in ten years. Did your salary increase 300%? Housing has tripled in the same period of time, now with the pullback at around 15% in these parts, it’s still up over 200%. Did your salary double in the last ten years? If you live in California, a kwh of electricity cost .115 cents in 2001. Then Enron came to town. Now it’s .178 cents. That’s 154% inflation. A pound of butter was $1.04 in 2001. Today at Safeway it’s $3.50. Over 300% increase. Wondering why you’re feeling the squeeze?

Back in 1998 First American Title Guaranty Company, a company that was swallowed up by the behemoth had to restructure their salary guidelines. They wanted to hire me but their guidelines were grossly outdated and they couldn’t compete in the marketplace. The market itself was just recovering from the 1991 pullback people had made back that loss and the market was fixing to run. They restructured their salary guidelines and I was one of the first the benefit from it. Even then I took a cut and pay to work for them. Today, they are paying me the exact same salary they paid me ten years ago. A friend of mine who lost his job in the Alliance Title Company debacle just got hired by another company last week. His salary is less than half of what he was making. The manager told him “It’s a different world”. It is a different world. The world we live in the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class endure constant downward pressure until they are no longer middle class. If we continue the way we are going, there will only be the wealthy landholders and the kitchen help left in this country. Companies who continue to take advantage of employees like this and then compensate their executives with millions of dollars will find when the market changes that every one of these people will go out and cut themselves a better deal for themselves and their families. Companies and mid-level managers will whine about the lack of loyalty, but to them I say “You had the chance to do the right thing and you didn’t. There’s your loyalty”.

In other news

This flu is a mutha. While the worst has been over for a week now, I still have a nagging generally dry cough. I hacked and hacked yesterday until I thought I was going to cough up my toenails. Everybody who’s had this is hacking like this. I tried scotch last night and that calmed it somewhat. Finally I ran down and bought more lemons and made several cups of tea and the quelled the cough enough to go to bed. The other by-product is the loss of my superpowers. I have gone to the gym and worked out pretty lightly, but I really don’t have enough mojo to get back into it. I’m just going through the motions in hope of getting better some day. I’ve been told that one day I will wake up and the cough will be gone. I look forward to that day.

Rita spent her first night out of her crate last night. She slept in the bedroom and only stirred once. My cousin and his wife are still here and her sister came by late and stayed even later. I went to bed and when she left at 1:05a.m Rita heard the front door open and did the right thing and alerted. I told her it was ok and she laid down and went back to sleep. She’s also spending more time out of the crate while I’m running errands. So far she’s been perfect. I’m very happy with her progress. She’s such an awesome little dog. (even though she just passed gas and the room is now a certain shade of blue) I’m going to start feeding her Mac n’ mack tomorrow to see if I can get some weight on her. The sister is a vet and she suggested even higher calorie food and a check for her pancreas, but I think her pancreas is fine, she just runs it off as fast as I feed it to her.

Contest Update

I have received some bunny pictures and I have some of my own. I think I’ll add a page with them all later on today. For now, I have to go pick up a contractor at BARF who is going to help me reset that freaking French Door.


  • dolphyngyrl

    Ha. You should come on back to enforcement sometime. There’s a little row of hacky ducks. Me and the jerks who gave it to me. Also, don’t even get me started on the hearing thing.

  • judir6

    That first paragraph made me want to cry. For real. Makes me want to move overseas or something. I hate the world right now.

    I am having problems at work too. Life sucks!!!

  • info-one

    I find it alarming that other companies seem to look down at alot of good talented former ATC employees, and I find it troubling at the comments made to these now talented employed or unemployed people,an example is the comment made to your friend, guilt by association, its wrong, now I know some that deserve the comments, and those should be directed at them, and you all know some of them and not the innocent ones that got crushed in Decemeber or the several that got knived in the months before dooms day

    Make sure you all send in your documentation to the State, pile on, sources tell me the State is really going after Merc in a big way, so there is hope.

  • Wine Dog

    We were number two in market share in Contra Costa County. We couldn’t catch the Bloodless Empire but we beat everyone else. 18 months ago everyone was eating our dust. Now we’re also rans? Wrong wrong wrong.

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