Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

Meet Alyx

I don’t know what that acronym stands for, but it’s a fiendish device that lives at the Blood Bank.

I give blood, it’s one of the things I do. Yesterday they talked me into trying Alyx, which is a machine that spins your blood, removes the red cells and gives it back to you with some added saline. It took about two hours and kicked my ass, but I did it. I’m O- so I’m the universal donor and they really need what I got, so I give as much as I can. The lady who hoodwinked me into the procedure was a gal named Terry. She used to work at Vacaville Prison, so she told me, and now was at the blood bank. When I asked how long the procedure took because my dog was in the truck, she asked what kind of dog. A Doberman. She had lost her Doberman two years ago to leukemia and was still broke up over her. I get that. I brought Beauregard down after for some meet and great. The lady just glowed. I gave her the web address of Dog Works and suggested she contact them about fostering to help her get over the pain.

The good news is before I went to the Ministry of Disinformation (the parental unit) I did go to the gym and had a spectacular work out. I benched 205 unassisted. Yeah, I’m a bad ass.

Weight 206
Fat 35.2
BMI 35.1
Resting pulse 64
BP 100/74

Today, I’m off to Palm Springs for the Nabisco Championship. Fore!

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