It’s like teaching a pig to sing,

it takes a lot of time and pisses off the pig.

Yet, eventually I may learn. First, it’s time to discuss the weekend’s exploits. I was a “breath”, yes a breath away from getting hauled in on Sunday. When exactly will I learn to stop speeding? This guy would have never even given me the time of day, but nooo, I got to speed. I know better. Hell, it was moving violation #48. Tom Cruise had me out of the car because “he smelled wine in the car”. Oh, that’s Harry, he’s drunk that’s why I’m driving. It sounded good, but didn’t stop him from making me put my toes and ankles touching, hands at your side, follow the pen with your eyes. I did it, successfully, which I think pissed him off, but he had to let me go.

Weight 210
Fat 35.7
BMI 35.8

Today, I did 1 HIIT on the stair master, then another HIIT on the EFX machine. Then I had breakfast, took the BMW to the shop, did some work around the house and went BACK to the gym and did a spin class. Then I drilled out the grout in the bathroom that needed replacing, smogged the Truck, picked up the BMW and dumped $70 at Home Depot. Now, it’s only 8:15 and I can barely hold my eyes open and I still have ricotta and blueberries to go.

WW Tortilla
L/f cheese
pinto beans

String cheese

sirloin burger on ww sourdough

ww sourdough and a piece of string cheese

8 shrimp, marinated in orange juice and tequila
brown rice


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