OK, go to your room and think about what you’ve done

OK, I have spent some time thinking about what I did for the last 84 days.

I need to be better when I have company. I can eat BFL, and for that matter so can they. I know how to cook it so no one notices and that’s what I need to do. I need to be more careful on weekends. That’s when things tend to get sideways. Yesterday for instance, Jake’s Etouffe AND crab cake appetizer for dinner. No wonder my stomach is bothering me. That’s way too rich for my blood. I should have held with the Etouffe, or even better had the grilled swordfish and no appetizer. I would feel better and there would be less damage. For the most part I don’t pig out on free days, but free days bleed into free weekends and that is where the problem lies. I did lose inches and that’s a good thing. I did get much stronger. I’m doing 195 for 5 sets of two. That is straight-up impressive. I am adversely affected by bad weather and we’ve had 4 days this month that haven’t rained and it’s the 26th of March fergodsakes. I have begun walking Beau twice a day. That’s a good thing. I have started sneaking in spin classes. Also a good thing. My portions are pretty good for the most part. I need for switch to non-fat latte’s with equal except for my free day. I will post a start point tomorrow. I’m taking today off too and starting on a Monday like I should. We’re going wine tasting today. Nothing good can come of that.

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