Title Insurance

Bodies strewn across the dead end street

Holy CRAP!

They said around $50 million.  $67,500,000.00 lost in Q4 2007.  My head is spinning.  I think Radical wins it at $63 mil.  I know dolphyngryl came in some where around there, but I can’t find your comment.   They’re running this thing like the Federal Government.  Wowwie.

Talk amongst yourselves.

(seems like a bad time to take over one of Patty Hauptman’s weazing enterprises)


The winner is dolphyngryl at $65 million.   I would say congratulations, but as we know, Pink Bunny Ears contests are like working in the title industry or for the State.  You’ll get know credit or someone else will take credit for your work and you’ll get no compensation.  Professor Shays suggested we double the prize, so you’ll get nothing times two.  And no credit.  Thanks for playing our game.


  • Wine Dog

    Well, you got it right so it’s only appropriate to give Radical all the credit. You can have the lack of congratulations.

  • jensen

    Very quiet on this blog relative to actions filed against Alliance and the Hauptmans. Any intersting tid-bits anyone can share ?

  • Wine Dog

    I did get the figures for one of the counties of Financial sent in. I haven’t heard more than the Modesto folks are showing up en masse at court dates. I know Alliance took rent from sublessors and didn’t pay the landlords. Uh, can you say fraud? I know there’s something big just waiting to hit, and I’ve been waiting on it. I know Mercury has a move, don’t know what’s taking them. It’ll be interesting when it hits…

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