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Put the lime in the coconut

Needless to say, I have alerts set for Financial Title Company.  This one just came in.,2933,332776,00.html#5

Leave it to Faux News to blow a story.  It’s in foreclosure.  It will be foreclosed when the sale takes place on the courthouse steps on March 18th.  (And what a lovely courthouse that Santa Barbara County Courthouse is)  Up until that point, he can catch the loan up and proceed as if all is well.  On March 19th look for Sonofabun to be trying to make a cash for keys deal.

Sorry, that wasn’t anything juicy on FTC.  It’s been painfully quiet on that front.  Apparently their foreclosure division is still in business.


  • EO in hell

    There are a lot of rumors or could be facts floating around today. Supposedly more layoffs and the possibility FATCO will take over FTC the 1st of the month.

  • info-one

    The United General takeover is heating up again, and word is some of the top brass at least in SC have been making calls to move, again with so far no takers

  • son of a bun

    The document is in hand…wonder how much they’ll need to get out in 2 weeks? They should know that the property MUST be in broom swept condition in order for them to get their cash!

  • Wine Dog

    I can just see Jacko and his 8 year olds sweeping out Neverland… I bet they’re going to leave some really good shit behind. And a llama.

  • info-one

    Jerry Hauptman can buy it and house all the misfits, Patty can appt. John Harritt as the merry go round operator.

  • info-one

    Im not too sure he is smart enough to learn how operate it and what buttons to push, lets recommend he shovel the LLAMA crap,wait he would probably screw that up too, how about the fortune teller booth for all the Hauptman misfits to visit so he can tell them they are still the best of the best and that the future so bright they have to wear shades

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