Why do you run and hide from lies

I’m running behind today and I’ve had one of those four/five/six day headaches. I’m sure it’s brought on by spending too much time trying to figure out how one single woman is going to fix 70 feet of broken fences over the weekend with laundry change, while the largest developer in Contra Costa County sits back and tells me to piss off. So I’m a little light on material today.

Miniature Rose had this gem this morning. It’s all I can do to keep my head from blowing off my shoulders. So we throw more tax money at corporate America so they can “teach” the staff at Walter Reed how to treat the men and women who have been wounded in combat with dignity and respect? I’m sorry, if you don’t have enough human decency to treat our injured soldiers with dignity and respect WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THE PAYROLL? What is Donald Duck going to teach your cold dark heart?


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