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Don’t give us none of your aggravation

I think the storm has passed. For the first time in a week it’s NOT raining. Saturday night I lost the back fence again. This time it went down bad. I should have taken a picture of it down, but it was laying on top of two of the bareroot berries I had planted two weeks ago and it needed to be moved NOW. So I didn’t get pictures of it down. I did get pictures of it kludged together.


You can see in the center of the picture that it’s not connected. And it’s not. It’s just sort of leaning there.


At the bottom of this fence post you can see where it moved about a foot because of the mud.


That two by for is just about the only reason that bad boy is upright. Discovery Builders is not going to like this morning’s phone call. I think they just tried to blow me off last time. Something you’ll notice from these photographs is the side of the fence which has the bones and the side which is finished.


Yeah, the bones are on my side and the finished fence is on Seeno‘s side. You wonder about how a guy gets a place like this, then behaves like that. It makes no sense to me. They get construction supplies at cost and they have tons of guys on staff and the thing could be fixed for probably half of retail. A good neighbor would have already arrived at that point. I’d love to split half of retail with them, yet they chose to yank my chain instead. That sure says a lot about their business practice and ethics.

So either things go a little differently this morning or as soon as I get this monster deal put to bed, I’m taking days off and hammering on a fence.

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