Bon Mots and Cheap Shots,  Wine of the Day

Saturday night and you’re still hangin’ around

I decided to make yesterday my free day. I gave blood, which I normal do every eight weeks or so. Since I’d had one head cold after another, I hadn’t donated since October. One of the EO’s I work with is married to a firefighter. On Monday she told me about this accident that had occurred. The firefighter who was critically injured is good friends with her husband. She had worked the blood drive for Captain Martin over the weekend. So I got off my butt and went down and kicked in a pint in his honor. He and his wife have a four year old.  There’s another drive on March 2 for our North Bay readers, or folks that just like to drive. It took a lot of blood to save his life so the local supply is low. My donation went to replenishing the supply. There’s also information on the Marin County Fire page for cash donations for his family. He’s still in the hospital, upgraded, but facing more surgery.

Freewheeling free day

So I decided since they were going to give me cookies anyway, I might as well just say the hell with it and make Friday my free day, then behave over the weekend. It’s going to storm here, the skies are gorgeous right now, pink clouds, but Hell is rolling in and we’re going to get our asses kicked. I’ll probably lose the fences tonight or tomorrow. Anyway, getting a bottle of wine yesterday afternoon seemed like a good idea, so one of the assistants came into my office and handed me a $20 and said “I don’t know anything about wine and the EO just sent me to buy a bottle of wine”. So I walked across the street with him and got a St. Supery Oak free Chardonnay for $18.99. It was very good. St. Supery is hit or miss. They’ve made some really great reasonable wines and some that were a breath better than plonk. This one was very good. It was a buttery Chardonnay with apples and pears on the forward palette. There’s some light vanilla in the middle. Finished very clean and made for a nice ending to a pretty stressful week. I have a monsterous transaction on my desk right now. Ten figures. Wine was just what the Wine Dog needed yesterday. So on the way home I stopped at Gordo’s Gourmet Hamburgers in Walnut Creek. That was by far the best burger I’ve gotten in YEARS. I will drone on ad nauseum about Derf’s in Santa Barbara. They put their burgers on Vior’s sourdough buns and their fries were always perfect. But I haven’t been to Santa Barbara in probably more than 5 years. So getting a good burger has been an issue. Gordo’s hand grinds the meat, the buns are not that soggy crap, the lettuce tastes like lettuce, the tomatoes taste like tomato and it was a rockin’ burger. They are on the free day list.

And because it’s the weekend


They’d like to let me know it’s about damned time I got home and would I sit down and scratch their ears now. Buttheads. Actually, in the picture you can see how much bigger Beauregard is compared to Rita. She’s so small. And she eats the same amount he does. And here’s a bonus historical Doberman picture.



  • dolphyngyrl

    I love how Beau looks like he’s doing the sleepy eyed dog thing, but Rita is looking right at you. Like she’s more than willing to let you think she’s going to lie down and have a nap like a good girl, but if you even look like you might be leaving the room, she’s so coming with you.

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