stop, rewind, play

It was a really great weekend. I got to play golf, even though it was swamp golf. Loaded up on my BFL groceries. Made an excellent curried chicken and grape salad for the week. Pulled weeds, then gave up and moved to Round-up. Laid nekkid by the pool, certainly a favorite activity. One you will see no photo journalism of in this space. Watched Patton. Did you know Francis Ford Coppola was a writer on that? Me either. It’s also pretty close to what actually happened. Sometimes I might be a Patton at work. OK, I don’t slap the burned out EO’s, jeez. Took the big boy to the reservior for a walk, gave him a bath. Cleaned out the BMW. Fussed with more weeds. Cooked my food for the week. Had an epic free day. A pint of Haagen Daz (light) a blackened sirloin a little loaf of sourdough. Truely epic. BUT TODAY:

1 egg 3 whites
WW cereal with n/f milk

1/2 lean ham sandwich
baby carrots

Chicken/grape almond salad

grapes and string cheese

BFL baked chicken parmesean
ww pasta
sauteed spinach

ff ricotta

And now for the sad part

weight 209
fat 35.6
bmi 35.6

I’m not going to be the biggest loser, eh?

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