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Dear Voters

In particular Bernie Sanders supporters.  And really anyone who is thinking like Susan Sarandon is right now.  Bernie is running for the Democratic Party nomination.  He is not running for the Green Party nomination, the Independent party nomination or any other nomination.  He is running for the Democratic Party nomination.  If he does not win, which as of right now is a real possibility, although Hillz is certainly not a shoo-in right now, the people who have registered Democrat need to step in line and support the party nomination.  Period.  Not behave like petulant children Susan.  I’m not thrilled with this process but this is the process by which we as a country have legislated that elections occur.  Gerrymandered?  Hell yes.  But it’s an even playing field.  Everyone has to follow the same convoluted jacked up rules.  Even Bernie.  The independent Senator from Vermont.  So run a clean campaign.  We all Feel the Bern.  And I for one am happy for what you are accomplishing, but when the nominee is chosen, get in line.  Because if you don’t you’re going to be building the greatest wall the world has ever seen.

Now for The Donald.  Dear Republicans, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  This is what you bring us?  An over inflated orange tinted combed over buffoon?  Are you all stupid?  Did you know that if The Donald had taken all of the money he inherited from Daddy and put it in a mutual fund, he’d be twice as wealthy as he is today.  Repeat.  Money he inherited from Daddy.  Lost a lot of it.  And he’s such a great businessman?  He’s an empty suit.  When was the last time they ran out some elitist Daddy’s boy?  What happened?  Oh yeah, 9-11.  And then we invaded the wrong country.  In seven years he couldn’t find a 6’5″ Arab in the desert with a kidney dialysis machine and an entourage.  Obama shut that shit down pretty quickly didn’t he?  Shall we talk about the mess that Arnold made of California?  He “leveraged” everything and almost buried the entire state.  He nearly destroyed the 5th largest economy in the world.  So much that we aren’t in the top five any more.  So I have to ask the Republicans one more time Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

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  • titleslug

    We have to be aware of our electoral system. There is no national election. Elections are sanctioned by each state and they are administered by each county. California has 58 counties. Each county holds an election under its rules.
    When it comes to electing a president, each state elects members to the electoral college. Those representatives elect the president. If you live in a state that is heavily Democratic, like California can be, your vote means a little less. On the other hand, that heavy Democratic majority also frees you up to vote your conscience. If you want to vote against money, vote for Bernie. He’s not a Democrat. The party had no responsibility to be fair. The party is a fund raising machine. It is beholden to its investors, not the voters. The investors are getting the candidate they want. Between the numbers being so overwhelming in favor of Sec Clinton and the fact the Donald is a poorly spoken, ignorant bigot, Hillary will likely win by more than 10 points even if a large number of voters vote against the money.
    If, however, you live in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington, Colorado, you really need to turn out and vote for Hillary. Get everyone you know to do the same. The GOP has worked hard to purge voter rolls. They’ve passed ID laws that make it harder for many to vote. These states will be close. Your vote will matter.
    We’re witnessing the death of the two parties. The GOP has swung past crazy and Drumpf is the bi-product. Their convention ought to be a zoo. Their most fearful members have selected a buffoon who has promised to default on the national debt, roll back social security benefits, send more money to the rich, suspend many parts of the first amendment, cause critical labor shortages and that’s just off the top of one’s head. What does he represent? He’s not afraid to offend the investors. He’s not afraid to offend anyone. He says anything he wants. In the words of The Talking Heads, he stopped making sense. Allowing him to be elected would make no sense, either.

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