Pastoral scene of the gallant South

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So in our last show our hero was railing against the police killing an African American man and leaving him dead in the street while pretending he was still alive.  Fast forward and…

No pretending Michael Brown was still alive.  They shot that young man six times.  He wasn’t getting back up.  And FINALLY a town blew up.  It should not be a freaking mystery to anyone.  We pretend like we aren’t a racist nation or is it lip service that we pay to the idea?  We suck.  We just suck.

Of course this new Right Wing has made it ok within their ranks to be racist and have even brought on a few fascinating characters like Allen West and Herman Cain.  Mostly because those two are clowns.  Alternatively I’d love to sit and talk with Condi Rice and everyone knows I’m a Colin Powell fan.  I’d love to have a frank conversation with Powell about his years with the Bush Administration.  Love to.  But in truth, the racists have pulled off their pointed little robes and feel free to express their ignorance in public.  That’s ok.  Now we know who they are.  They are Senators and Representatives and in a couple of cases Governors.  And they are very very dangerous.

We have allowed these Right Wing ass clowns to take over the media and now they tell us what to think.  And most of us are too lazy or stupid to form our own opinions.

Turn off the EFFING television news.  It’s horseshit.

Wonder why the Clive Bundy protesters were allowed to show up armed to the teeth while in Ferguson unarmed demonstrators were gassed and shot with rubber bullets?  Seriously.  You have to ask.  What.  Was.  The.  Difference.

Simple the Ferguson protesters were unarmed and posed no threat to the police.  The demonstrators stood unarmed with their hands up, signifying the position Michael Brown was in when he was murdered.  Yet they were gassed and shot with rubber bullets.  The armed racist knuckleheads at Bundy’s Ranch were white.  That’s it.  They were and are much more dangerous, but the government walked away from them.

There is some seriously good shit in here.

At what point do we say enough is enough?  At what point do we as a nation grow the eff up?  Last night was the VMA’s.  I saw an art form that has moved past the racism and embraced each other’s culture and put forth some amazing stuff.  There are periods of time where I have hated popular music but right now, the blending of genres is exciting, interesting and great to listen to.  As an aside, there is no reason for Taylor Swift.  None.  Every time I see her I think WHY?  She’s this generation’s Sheryl Crow.  But I digress.

My hope is that what’s currently happening in music will continue to spill into society and change the world.  It wouldn’t be the first time that music has changed the world.  In the meantime, consider this: Jay-Z is worth $520 million and if he were standing alone on a street in New York City, he could not hail a cab.


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  1. Great point about police over-reaction! Why was it OK for Clive Bundy’s supporters to “protest” looking like a militia, yet marchers were set upon as if they were invading forces? I hadn’t juxtaposed those images. Thank you

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