Yes, I’m running down the railway track

I’ve been on this one for years but goddammit, I’m right.  Once everyone else figures it out it’ll be too late.  When I first moved to Concord in 2000, I went down to the Concord PD and said “Hey I have a Doberman Pinscher, but he’s a nice dog”.  They were like “So what?”  I said “I don’t want you to shoot my dog”.  They said “If you don’t do anything you shouldn’t we won’t shoot your dog.”  Well, that was a lie.  And it’s been the lie.  Dogs get shot all of the time and the standard police lie is “The dog posed a threat to the officer”.  This means if they are chasing some asshat and he hops your fence and the cops follow him and your dog barks at the cop, the cop shoots your dog.  Period.  Because your dog posed a threat to the officer. I trace all of this back to the war on drugs.  The Columbians were just crazy back in the 80’s and they brought the militia mindset of their own country to ours.  And the police responded in kind to the Columbian thugs.  But then our own thugs learned to play like Columbians and the police became militarized and then they just quit distinguishing between ordinary citizens and the mini-militias they were facing in the failed War on Drugs.  And then “ice” or crystal meth showed up in the US.  And the crazy ran deep.  But then the cops got crazy too and they kept saying their crazy actions were justified.  And now shit is just out of control. Police officer Nicholas McDermott ruined Houston Astros pitcher Brandon Backe’s career.

Backe said officer Nicholas McDermott “screamed, ‘back the f— up.” Backe said he could back up no farther and told the officer, “Chill out, we can’t back up. You’ve got enough room.” At that point several officers attacked him, he said, striking him as he fell to the ground and continuing to beat him until his face was bloody. One kicked him in the face, he said.

When he fell, his shoulder struck a concrete curb that separated the sidewalk from a garden. He said officers kept beating him while he was down. “I hit the ground hard and they just got on top of me,” he said. Backe contends that this is when he his shoulder was so badly damaged it ended his career.

In this case the Orange County Sheriff’s office in Florida went to a house where the guy they were looking for no longer lived.  They didn’t bother to do their due diligence and just charged in.  So they shot a 17 year old and killed the family dog. Last week Eric Garner died at the hands of the NY PD.  He was put in an illegal choke hold  (Choke holds are illegal, people are not).  Garner an asthmatic who weighed almost 350lbs succumbed on the street.  You can google around and see the video in it’s entirety, including the part with NYPD pretends like he’s still alive when he’s actually already dead.  They called him at the hospital but I don’t believe he was alive when he got there.

The police were not there because he was selling cigarettes without paying the stamps, they were there because of a fight he had just broken up.  So NYPD killed a good samaritan.  Nice job.

You see, it’s just fine while the police are killing them negroes and the Mexicans, but if they start killing white people, well then shit’s going to get real.  Right?  Wrong.  It’s a Martin Niemoller moment.  

We can stand up for what’s right today or deal with the consequences of our inaction tomorrow.

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