Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

If I don’t do it, you know somebody else will

During the week,  I collect all kind of crap to comment on each Sunday morning.  And then something happened and I’m up all Saturday night.  And not in a good way.  The Fitbit tells me how I slept, as if I didn’t know this time.  I didn’t actually fall into a real sleep until 3:50am.  It was a long night and I have a busy day.  But here we go on this week’s collection of crap.

First up, the absolute best thing on the interwebs.

This horse appears to be some sort of competition horse in a Spanish speaking country.  And Boss, well he is the boss.  I picked Beauregard based on his littermate’s relationship with a horse.  I said “whatever you did to get that” pointing at Nero, “that’s what I want”.  I had a reserve on the next littler but then Beauregard (then Max) came back as his owner was being shipped out to somewhere he couldn’t take him.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of bad on the interwebs.  Like NYPD killing a man who didn’t do anything.  At all.  I’m telling you the police are out of hand in this country.  And the privatization of the prison system is a very bad thing.

Let’s play a round of good cop bad cop.  This time the lady cop is the bad cop.  No probable cause lady.

Apparently there is a super secret homo death squad who worship Hitler and are coming to kill Christians.  Good thing we have the Gaily Grind who will keep us all updated when they finally locate the training facility.  I’m certain it is located next to Santa’s workshop and the Easter bunny’s hovel.  The thing is this asshat has people who listen to him and believe his bullshit.  Although I guess if you’re reading this you might believe my bullshit….

But at least my bullshit is the good shit.  I thought this study by the Southern Poverty Law Center was much more terrifying than imaginary homo death squads.

And just because.

And because Johnny Winter passed away last week… it’s long, just let it run you’ll thank me.



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