Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

We did the monster mash

I kind of love that the guy whose name I did not mention also had his name not mentioned by Rachel Maddow.  And I thought I was so freaking clever.


As well it should.

Then there is this little gem which just makes me smile.

Part of me is sick of youtube cutesy pranks but this one is clever.  Some of the other ones are just stupid.  This one is not stupid.

And I have to say the news is pretty amusing to me right now.

CNN spent about 10 days being all about the missing plane while Fox News continued to “report” on Obamacare and I can’t remember the other fake controversy irrelevant thing they were talking about.  The minute it looked like there might be a terrorist link to the flight they were on it like stink on…well, they’re just stink so let’s leave it at that.

A night flight, how would you know the pilots changed course, and off you go into the wild blue yonder, forever.  Scary shit.

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