Safe and Sound

I can’t leave this one alone.

Everyone is outraged over the killing of the young giraffe in Copenhagen.  While I am not happy about the killing of a perfectly healthy young animal, I do understand why they did it.  It’s best described in this article.

Giraffes are super cute.  Like elephants, they delight us as children.  They are in many of our children’s books and we learn about them at a young age.  They are fascinating creatures with their long necks and doe eyes.  I get it.  I could barely look at the article about it.  But…

Don’t be outraged about the killing of a healthy giraffe when you had a burger for lunch.  Don’t freaking doing it.  In 2011 65 billion land animals were killed for food.  New flash: They were all healthy animals.  The unhealthy ones are removed from the food chain and just killed.   Marius the giraffe could not be kept at the Copenhagen zoo and there was no place to send him where he would be assured health and safety.  Apparently castration doesn’t work well on zoo animals.  At the end of the day, the Copenhagen zoo did what is done 65 billion times a year in the world.  And they fed their lions.  They did not waste him, his life had value to the lions.  It’s the circle of life.  And you don’t get to complain about it if you had chicken salad for lunch.

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