What works, what’s not so much

First the good news. I finished the four week cycle and added 10 pounds to the goal weight. I successfully pushed 205 in the gym the other day. That’s a happy day. Actually the day I did 195 for reps was a pretty happy day too. My shoulder, elbow and wrist on the left side are giving me trouble. I made a pilgramage to Fitwell Chiropractic and Lisa worked on my arm. Some is better, some needs more work. My wrist is killing me. My very supportive network of friends have advised me that it’s arthritis brought on by my advanced age. OK, they aren’t so supportive. They probably aren’t right either. It’s probably a form of tendonitis. Anyway, I’ll be back to Fitwell tomorrow and the following Wednesday in hopes of getting it fixed. Strangely, this is the good news. The bad news, I just can’t behave with my eating. I start out with the best of intentions and then silliness occurs. I think it has had more to do with the stress of my job then anything else. I no longer manage the band of miscreants that I’d been saddled with, so I think that will help dramatically. The Prima Donnas had one last salvo, and they think they got what they wanted. Now I call that branch Toyota. You asked for it, you got it!

OK, I’m not much of a loser

Weight 208
Fat 35.4
BMI 35.4

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