One sheep. Two sheep.

Well THAT was an interesting week.

By the way, I blame the NFL for the downfall of our society.  Just sayin’.

But then after he goes all stupid on the air, he comes back the next day and gives this press conference.

I can’t hate him for that.  He got to fired up, somebody put a mike in his face and he went stupid.  I get that.  It speaks to a certain lack of class as far as I’m concerned, but, he comes back nicely.  As for the asshat fans that threw food at NaVorro Bowman as he was being carted off the field with a blown ACL, well, refer to sentence #2.

Go Broncos.

This country has never been as good as we think we are.  We listen to politicians telling us how great we are or were or whatever.  We are a pretty jacked up society.  We brought you Charlie Manson, Jeffrey Dalmer, snuff films and crush videos.  We are a bunch of sick bastards.  That is not the greatest country in the world and if it is, well, a couple of faggots getting married is the least of our problems.

The NFL started using words like “battle” and “war” for sports games.  They encouraged the hardest of hard hitting players.  And then ended up with a dead Junior Seau at the ripe old age of 43.  Because his head was wrecked and he couldn’t cope with it any more, so he shot himself in the chest so the NFL could study his head.  But boy did he make a lot of money during his career, for himself, the NFL and those around him eh?

These guys have so much weight on them, it’s no wonder they do stupid stuff.  Thomas Howard, over 100mph vaporized his BMW on the 880 here in Oakland.

Then we have that little Canadian twit who we really ought to put a stamp on his ass and mail him back to them.  But he’s a singer.  Sort of.  That’s another whole breed of asshatedness.   I wonder why does this society give a rat’s ass about these overgrown snotnosed brats?  Nobody bothered to teach a one of them how to behave.  Or how to be polite.

When I look at all of this rot that our youth is seeing as normal I think whiskey tango foxtrot.  And then I wonder “When did I get so old?”

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