Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

And God was watching

I really want to write a happy post.  Full of happy things.  But I think Norman broke my toe last night.  The second broken toe this year if in fact it’s broken.  It looks like hell but it didn’t keep me awake last night like most broken bones so it might just be badly bruised.

photo (9)


Yeah, I know.  I have funky toes, but my feet look just like my grandmother’s did, so they are her living legacy.

Now.  Walmart.  Do read to the end of the article where you can find out that Walmart turned a profit of $15.7 million last year.  Doncha think they could pay their employees a living wage?  Boycott.

Lots of competition for douche of the week.  San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar is a front runner for sure.  But today Congressman Trey Radel was arraigned on charges of possession of cocaine.  He pled guilty about 20 minutes ago.  What makes Congressman Radel special?  The fact that he voted for drug testing SNAP recipients last month.  Maybe we should drug test Congress.  Actually this kind of answers a few questions.  These asshats must be on drugs to be so stupid.  Or in the immortal words of Sam Landon “People like this give drugs a bad name”.

But let’s go to our happy place.  Batkid.  Yeah, there are plenty of kids out there facing horrible diseases.  Yeah, Make a Wish does great work.  This one was just awesome.  Sometimes you have to celebrate awesome.  And what better place than Babylon by the Bay.  Actually there is no other City save possibly New Orleans that is better at throwing a party.  And why the hell not?

This is also pretty awesome.  This couple are just trying to keep their kids imagination intact.  Well played.  I was always pretty much a skeptic as a kid.  I never saw the boot prints by the chimney.  Or understood who ate the cookies.

Finally, we have a choice in this life to do what we do in a soulless march to our ultimate demise or to be extraordinary.  This woman really doesn’t have to do anything more than show up, make a few movies, take home a treasure chest full of money and call it a day.  But that’s not what she does.



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