People we is not wrapped tight

If you ever had any question as to the validity of Fox News, I present this.  Go ahead.  Click on the link.  I’ll wait.  That is of course followed by the usual greek chorus which, if you didn’t know, includes allegations that our President is gay.  That in of itself is offensive.  They can’t get him on any thing else so he must be gay.  Except for one thing.  As usual they are full of shit.  Don’t believe me.  Let’s try on the Stars and Stripes and see what their take is.  They must be puppets of Obama’s socialist gay jihadist agenda.  Or maybe Fox News is full of shit.  I’ll wait.

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 7.10.12 AM


And away the conspiracy theorists went.  This is what happens when The Great Communicator defunds education.  We end up with a country full of idiots.  Yeah, y’all want to blame the children of immigrants (read Mexicans) for the low school scores but you keep saying things so incredibly stupid that it’s clear, it ain’t the first generationers.  It’s the inbred cousinhumpers that are screwing up the test scores…because they are freaking morons.  On a scale of the world, we are ranked…average.

So keep on cutting those taxes.  And keep on supporting those politicians that want to.  It’s part of a master plan to destroy the democracy.  It has nothing to do with Obama and everything to do with Wall Street.

Rappers take note.

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