Another day older and deeper in debt

I’m not done beating on Ted Cruz.  I still think he’s a Cuban sleeper cell.  He is more disruptive to our country that Al Qaeda.  But on the subject of disruptions, the BART strike.  I stand with the workers.  I stand with them because they aren’t asking for that much.

Did you know that crime against BART workers increased from 9% to 31% over the last year?  A BART worker has a 1 in 3 change of being assaulted on the job.  For comparison’s sake, you have about an 11% chance of being assaulted or killed if you are a California cop.  That’s a smidge better than one in ten for a friends playing at home.  The crimes against BART workers go from petty theft to rape and homicide.  So how inconvenienced to you feel now?  Because it’s pretty freaking inconvenient to be murdered.  Assholes.

The media has put all of their focus on the bad commute and has not bothered to put the facts in the above paragraph forth to the public.  Liberal media?  MY ASS.  The media is participating in union busting.

BART general manager make  $399k per year plus incentives and travels all around wining and dining on the taxpayer’s/rider’s dime.  That’s a nice gig if you can get it.  In their defense, BART has been operating at a surplus for some time.  It makes you wonder about the fare increases and the fact that a measly 3% raise seems to be such a big deal to them.  Or worker safety.  That would be a fact punctuated by a train running over two track inspectors yesterday and killing them.  Maybe their incentives should be tied to worker safety in addition to profit.  That sounds a little industrial revolutiony doesn’t it?

Another argument I hear a lot is “they are overcompensated.  I wish I made half the money or had half of the benefits those guys do.”  Well, jackass, maybe your field should organize.  How freaking stupid is that?  Like say that industry that didn’t organize even though I said they should have for years and then Bill Foley came in and jacked the whole thing up and then Parker Kennedy and Bill Foley sent all of the jobs to Bangalore and Mangalore.  Remember that?  Damned unions.  Anybody out there that moved in the last six years because their job went away?  To freaking INDIA?  (As a side note, First American has taken down the First Indian Corp. website.  I can’t help but dream that PBE had something to do with that.)

  • “Train operators and station agents have a maximum annual salary of $62,000.” SF Examiner, 6/13/2013
  • Salary of BART General Manager: $399,000 plus “incentive bonus”
  • Salary of BART assistant General Manager: $253,653 plus annual management bonus
  • Salary of San Francisco Mayor: $252,000
  • Salary of California Governor Jerry Brown: $165,288
  • Salary of California Attorney General Kamala Harris: $143,000

Just in case you weren’t clear on how skewed this is.  The top salary for a BART employee is $62k not counting overtime.  It comes with a 1 in 3 chance of being assaulted or murdered on the job.  And you get a pension.  Yay.

You’re welcome.


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