And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy

What utter bullshit.

Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz at the World War II memorial?  Bullshit.

$24 billion dollars is what those jackholes just spent.  $24 billion dollars to screw everything up for nothing.  Bullshit.

I cannot imagine the circumstance that would ever allow me to take another Republican even halfway seriously again.  Except maybe Senator Rep. King who was the voice of reason from the right from the get go.  On Ted Cruz:

“The fact is, if you come up with a strategy that’s going to shutdown the government of the United States, and you have no way of winning, you’re either a fraud, or you’re totally incompetent. So he can have his choice as to what he is.”

Can I choose both?

Better yet, can I pick guilty of sedition and treason?  I like those two a lot.  I’d like to see Cruz, Rubio, Grassley, Rand, Shelby…all of those clowns held accountable for the $24 billion dollars of my tax money they just wasted with their made up crisis.  In high school they call these people drama queens.

Obama looks like a Progressive to extremists, but in truth, he’s further to the right than Clinton was.  If we get my dream ticket of Clinton and Warren we are going to see some old school liberals.  History tells us that this country always thrives when run by old school liberals.  As far as Obama and big government?  Facts are fun.  From Forbes, read the whole article here.  Fox and friends and the Teabaggers and the Republicans are lying to you.  A lot.  Check your facts people. When you piss off Warren Buffet, y’all better be paying attention.



I have a crush on this little geeky dude.  Just because he’s so damn spunky.

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