Not in a house. Not in a box. Not with a mouse. Not with a fox.

I am really amazed at the stupidity out there.  I just saw something where the right wing said that only 17% of the government was shut down.  No, idiots, almost 80% of the government is shut down.  They are so sure they know what’s going on but never stop to investigate the numbers.  Here’s a number.  The shutdown is costing the American people $12.5 million dollars per hour.  You can watch CNN’s stopwatch, see the hours and multiply to see how much of your money the teabaggers have wasted.  As of this writing it’s around $2.1 BILLION dollars.  Wasted by John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Eric Cantor, Grover Norquist, Karl Rove and the Koch brothers.  Don’t like government regulation?  Try Somalia.  It’s a little laissez faire over there.  Don’t tread on me you Somalian pirate.  And don’t call a cop either.  Or need a decent road to drive on.  Just build yourself a fortress with 20 foot walls and hire a security force and pray one of them isn’t on the take and you should be good.  Unless you need some healthcare and then just go find you a witchdoctor.  Idiots.

greeneggs and ham


I love this women.  This is 13 minutes of your life you won’t regret wasting on the internet.

That damned islam lovin’ negro is running our country into the ground.  He wants to give all of my money to those welfare queens.   He’s building a jack booted gestapo to take away our guns.  He is turning this great nation into a socialism.  He, he, he brought that stimulus plan that…got this country back to work.   He ended the illegal war in Iraq.  Saved the auto industry.  Signed Dodd Frank.  Found and neutralized Osama bin Laden (something that’s easy to do when you’re actually looking for him).  Reversed Bush’s torture policies, which were non-productive and put Americans abroad at risk.  All of this while not having one real scandal.  God help us if you’re counting Bengazi or Fast and Furious.  Darrell Issa, a legendary asshat was just rebuffed by Judge Amy Jackson for being, well, an asshat.  It would have only been better if she had added “You sir, are an asshat.”  And he got us some health care reform which, trust me was needed.  If you are one of the 80% who just has a normal job, this doesn’t affect you at all.  If you’re like me, it affects you a lot.  I went out on the exchanges and found the numbers to be exactly the same as they were when I was shopping before.  I got into a pool a couple of months ago so I don’t worry about it any more but seriously folks.  It ain’t that bad.  Of course you know I want to crater the insurance industry and make them all mutual benefit corporations eliminating the need to pay the likes of Patricia Hemmingway Hall $16,000,000 a year but that’s just me.  (as a fun little math trick, you would have to make $355k per year, every year that you worked to make what she did in one year)

Let’s review.  How many events similar to Bengazi occurred on Bush’s watch?  13.  Thirteen events compared to 1.  How many were killed under Bush’s watch? I get 98 when I do the math.  As this article points out, Lindsey Graham apparent did not receive his briefings on those 13 days or he would have gone batshit crazy like he did after Bengazi.  Idiot.

I am so disgusted with the extremist wing of the Republican party right now I can’t turn on the television.  I have to be careful with the internet.  Because if you actually research things and get down to the true numbers and facts and shit, you want to smack Ted Cruz with a cattle prod.  Or tase his ass.  Repeatedly.


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