And don’t criticize what you don’t understand

It is clearly time for me to weigh in on this idiotic government shutdown.  But first.

So when I read this morning that 56% of Americans believe it would be bad if the debt ceiling isn’t raised on October 17th, I think 44% of those people don’t have any idea what they’re talking about.

If you think this shutdown is a good thing, you are an idiot.  Period.  Did you see the news last night?  Who the hell do you think pays for all of those signs that say that the National Park is closed?  Hint: it’s not Obamacare.  It’s you, moron.  Did you know that every government agency puts together a contingency plan for a government shutdown?  Do you know how much work does not occur while that contingency plan is being drawn up?  Contingency plans aren’t drawn up over coffee the morning of.

I used to be amused by the Right.  Not any more.  I am infuriated with their stupidity.  I think each and every one of them should be beaten with a stick until they come to their senses.  If they don’t, beat them to death, they are a useless waste of flesh.  Your lack of insight and compassion make you ugly.  Possibly the best read on the internets right now.  It’s long but worth every word.  Because their lack of compassion and insight does indeed make them ugly.  And I am sick and tired of them.

An old friend of my father’s stopped by my mother’s yesterday.  My cousin happened to be there.  She works with an organization that does amazing things under a contract with a State Department.  She’s not getting paid so far this month.  This friend of my father’s proceeded to corner her in kitchen and tell her why everyone in DC is no good and how they are all thieves and god only knows what else.  And you know what?  My father would have been horrified.  And disgusted with his old friend’s lack of decorum.  Not to mention Cousin was always one of his favorites.

Ted Cruz.  If he were a Democrat or a Muslim the Right would be screaming that he was a terrorist.  After all the guy was born to a Cuban father, obviously a Communist and here he is infiltrating our government and shutting it down.  Clearly a sleeper cell from Cuba activated right now along with Marco Rubio to shut down our government.  There it is Sheeple!  He was, after all born in a foreign country to an American mother so that does not qualify him to be President.  Just like Trump says Obama’s birth certificate disqualifies him from being President.  Except you can be born to an American mother on foreign soil.  Castro wins.

Of course Ted Cruz spent 21 hours wasting everybody’s time talking about Green Eggs and Ham.  And movies.  And other assorted bullshit.   But did not once mention the thing he doesn’t like, Obamacare, which we all know is different than the Affordable Care Act.

It’s hard.  I have to maintain some level of civility on my facebook page due to my business.  Thank God for Pink Bunny Ears where I can call a shill and shill.  I am really surprised that Ted Cruz could talk that long while teabagging the Koch brothers.


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