Bon Mots and Cheap Shots,  Rant

And the victim, well, he won’t come back

This Lyme Disease shit is no fun.  And I don’t even know if I really have the shit.  Lyme Disease treatment is like rabies.  It takes a while to get the blood test back so in the interim I have to do the treatment, which sucks majorly, but not as much as Lyme Disease sucks.  I’ve certainly done my research and according to the County there are only 2-4 cases confirmed in Contra Costa County annually.  Then I talked to a friend who is a Doctor who said “That’s because Doctor’s don’t believe it’s here and are misdiagnosing people.”  Awesome.  At least I went to a Lyme Disease specialist.  I will say the rash I had on my leg was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.  I remember thinking it was two-toned, which could be considered a bulls-eye which is what the problem is.  I would be shocked if the test comes back positive on one hand.  On the other, my lymph nodes are so swollen that I could feel them when I was driving the truck down a bumpy road yesterday.   I’ve had a low-grade headache for two weeks and my stomach is beat to shit.  The thing is, that could be the antibiotics or that could be Lyme Disease, we won’t know until later this week.  And that sucks.  I’ve been completely off my game, barely doing the minimum to keep my business running.  Showing up where I need to be and trying to keep my thinking cap on.  That’s the weird thing, I can’t think.  I told a friend last week “If this is what mental patients feel like, no wonder they go off their meds.  I want to go off my meds.”

Veering left.

This shit is going to be the downfall of the country.  Trust me.  Over the last 25 years the police have become increasingly militarized.  Now they are shooting old people and pets pretty much with impunity.  They go to court and it’s he said she said.  There is some color that the police officer’s statement carries more weight than the citizen’s so we are behind the 8-ball from the git go.  When this first happened they thought he would never walk again.  At least it has been downgraded to he can never golf again.

An Oregon State Trooper tazed an 11yo autistic child.  The “liberal” media called her a woman and a juvenile in the same news cast.  She’s 11 years old.  She’s pre-teen you nimrods.  For those of you unfamiliar with autism, there is a function within the disease called bolting or elopement.  It’s extremely dangerous for the child.  I have a client who has a child who is a bolter.  We went through every house assessing egress before we made an offer.  They ended up with a home high on a hill a goodly distance from a main street.  If he bolts at least they have some time before he becomes in danger.  They told me the last time he got away he was 2 miles down the road before they found him.  Scary shit.

Because Blue Heelers are so dangerous.  If I cop shot one of my dogs, they would have to shoot me next.  And the thing is, they would do that.  That’s what we have allowed our police to become.  We are the police state the left has been warning against since 1967.  We’re there.  If someone wanted to take over this country and enforce martial law, they could using our militarized police departments.  The thing is, I was right when I said they were going to use 9/11 to take away our rights.  Worried about the NSA?  How did you enjoy the X-ray body search at the airport?  Still worried about the NSA?  That secret panel of judges that never sees the light of day was approved by the Bush Administration.  Still worried?  Yeah.

Next move, they make it illegal to sue the police department for destruction of property, which is what a dog is still considered.  Cenk obviously isn’t a dog guy and is dreadfully outnumbered.

Let’s end with an old favorite.  Pearl E Gates and the Clash


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