The drug of a nation

Let’s have a fish fry today.

Interesting list of the most influential US winemakers.   I’ve met six of them.  Five of the six are in the top 20.  Three in the top three.  Kind of a charmed life I lead.

Not so fast buck-o.

2013-07-24 14.54.10What the hell is that you ask?

Here’s a hint.

IMG_4002  I tried to take a photograph so I could blow it up and see what it was.  Some strange bug on the door jam in my bedroom.  At 10pm at night.  My brain had been shut down for a couple of hours by then.  Well, it’s a black legged deer tick.  And that bite.  Yeah, probably that little bastard.  Unfortunately a lot of the advice I got last night involved salvaging that critter.  I knocked him down with a fly swat (as opposed to squishing him) and dumped him in the toilet.  If I had squished him there would have been blood all over my wall…something I didn’t know until he hit the water and I saw his little legs scrambling and I thought “Sonofabitch, that’s a tick”.

Now I’m scrambling to get into a Dr. who knows Lyme disease.  There have been points where that rash looks like a bullseye.  That’s not good.  I’d rather go through the protocol than have Lyme disease.  Danger: Medical adventure ahead.  The good news is I bought insurance a couple of months ago.  Now I have to find the policy and see what it covers.

This guy would get responsible gun owner of the day if not for this woman.  Hold on, she rented the gun.  Oh, that’s different.  Because her husband has filed a wrongful death suit against the gun range because she tried to do it once before and he says she should have been banned.  That almost makes sense.  Almost.  Can’t wait to hear from the family of the copycat suicide guy.

Just remember, all bets are off the minute the right says that Trayvon Martin would be alive today if he were packing.  Still waiting on that one.

Anthony Weiner, you are no Bill Clinton.  You are not going to come back from this one like he did.  Go home.  Please.  At least for a while until everything blows over.

It’s been a rough week here at The Farm.  I had to deal with some lack of loyal from a client early in the week that really rocked my little world.  I followed that up with another client who was buying VA.  I told him we were never going to get him a house and we needed to look at new construction.  I took him to Centex and signed him up there.  I talked to him last week and said “let’s go look at some other stuff”.  He went out alone and looked at it.  Unfortunately unless I am standing there to sign in with him, I don’t get paid on new construction.  $12,000 out the window after four months of working with the guy.  That’s the nature of the business but it really really sucks.  And Meritage Homes, that’s just plain bullshit.  I’m watching you assholes.

And where there’s muck, there’s  Gloria Allred.  Argh.  She’s right.

You’re welcome.


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