I feel that blood that pumps in beat

Oh. My.  God.  The Right Wing has their panties in a twist over the Zimmerman case.  Why Zimmerman’s Great-Grand whatever was black they whine.  And where is the justice for this Marine?

Just wait one minute there Buck-o.  Stop.  Rewind.  Play.  This was not a random racially motivated crime.  The victim and one of the suspects were friends.  The victim was invited to the party where he got hammered and was kicked out.  Then he sent a text message that lead to a parking lot fight that he started.  And it went to far.  And instead of calling an ambulance, they left him out there.  Because no one has ever made a bad decision while drunk and high on cocaine.  And then a taxi ran over him.

Did the fight result in the former (a word left out by the Right Wingnuts) Marine’s death?  I think so.  I don’t think it was the taxi or the drugs or the alcohol.  Are the four men culpable?  Absolutely.  And the difference is these four men will go to jail for Gamble’s death.  HELLO????  Like Zimmerman, they killed someone they didn’t set out to kill.  But Zimmerman who is predominately white got off and these four black men won’t.  They aren’t sitting in court with high paid attorneys in nice suits.  They are in jailhouse jumpsuits and chains and they will go to jail.  So, right wingnuts, kindly STFU.  You are a bunch of racist asshats.

For the record, Marines can be asshats too.  And they do bad things.


Like assassinate a sitting President.  Or go on a rampage after killing their wife.  Or commit heinous crimes.  Wake up Sheeple!

I’m waiting for Wayne LaPierre to have a press conference and say that if Trayvon Martin was carrying a weapon he would not have been killed that night.  I know it’s going to be a long wait, but I’m waiting.  Patiently.  Because I’ve been hearing that argument over and over again.  If the teachers at Sandy Hook had pistols it never would have happened.  If Trayvon Martin had a pistol it never would have happened.

Did you know that some white supremacist shit stain who goes by the monicker Klanklanon broke into Martin’s email looking for evidence that he was a drug dealer?  Yep.  He found a bunch of college applications.  So the white supremacist hacker changed Martin’s password to something really racist because he’s such a model citizen.  Disgusting.

So you know what young black men are doing in America today?  The same shit as everyone else.  And things like this.

And what do I have to say to all the people who can’t get past the “race” thing?  Two words.


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