Bitch, you better run a check

I could go on and on about the trial down in Florida, but it’s in Florida.  And that State is just full of idiots.  Hanging Chad?  Check.  Safe haven for OJ until he beat up some guy in Vegas?  Check.  And now they unapologetically tell a young black man’s family that he got what he deserved for walking home in the rain with a hood up over his head.

Here’s where we go off the reservation.  I think the jury got it right.  According to Florida law.  Thank the NRA for this one.  Wha?  Yep.  Here is a great article from the former Miami Police Chief.  He blames Florida law.  I think he makes very valid points.  Jonathan Turley, George Washington Law Professor dude and MSNBC talking head thinks the jury got it right.  Get this, he qualifies it by saying it wasn’t charged properly.  Melissa Harris-Perry Tulane professor and for my money one of the smartest people on television had an interesting show over the weekend.  Her show alleges that this case was lost before it started.  In that scenario the conservative District Attorney is forced to charge Zimmerman to appease the African American constituency.  So she overcharges Zimmerman in a case they cannot win so he walks and she can say “See, I did my job” the cracker contingency is happy as Zimmerman walks, and she gets re-elected.  Win-win.  I question that she is that smart, but it’s an interesting hypothesis.

Whether that is ridiculous or not remains to be seen.  This is ridiculous.  Robert Zimmerman Jr.


“There are factions, there are groups, there are people that would want to take the law into their own hands as they perceive it, or be vigilante’s in some sense,” he told Morgan during the live interview. “They think that justice was not served, they won’t respect the verdict no matter how it was reached and they will always present a threat to George and his family.”

At the end of the day, George Zimmerman was told by the police to not follow Trayvon Martin and to not get out of his car.  He did neither and a young man is dead.  Zimmerman stays in his car and there is no fight, no threat to Zimmerman and no need to shoot anyone.  This would have never gone this way in California, mostly because as squirrely as our jurys can be, we don’t have a Stand Your Ground law.  And now we know why they are stupid.

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