Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

The quiet scares me ’cause it screams the truth

I can’t possibly leave this one alone…although on a side note, pretty interesting I quote Tony Soprano week before last and he vapor locks last week.

That thin white line.  I’ve been cautious about Paula Deen ever since it came out she was diabetic.  That only got out because she was considering a contract to pitch a diabetes drug.  You mean her style of cooking can cause diabetes?  Say it ain’t so!

So she continues to hawk her cookbooks and television show while quietly spiking it with the insulin.  Awesome.  Buy my shit and get free clean needles!

Now people, Paula Deen’s First Amendment rights have not been infringed upon.  She has been able to throw her plantation style wedding because those black folk look so damned nice in those white jackets, and spout off racist jokes to her hearts content.  She wasn’t even fired from Food Network, they simply chose to not renew her contract.  Probably if you read that contract it had things in it about a standard of behavior that the network expected.  Of her Jew jokes and redneck jokes and negro jokes only one are ok.  Why?  Because you can choose to be a redneck.  Get it?  Paula didn’t.  She should have stuck to the redneck jokes.  Because it’s alright to be a redneck doncha know.

Paula started with playing the Southern card on this one.  Probably not her best play.  Here’s a better play.

Now I give the old girl credit here.  No wiggle words.  She apologizes to those she has hurt.  Not if she hurt someone, the ones she hurt.  This is a proper apology.   She was way out of line.  She knows damn good and well that she shouldn’t have been doing that sort of crap.  If it were ok she’d be using that language on her television show and interviews.  It’s not like she had nice black men dressed in white jackets seating her studio audience was it?  Or maybe a young negro in overalls bringing her in a chicken to fry up.  That would really have a quaint Southern flavor wouldn’t it?  How about a smiling old man with a watermelon?  That would be great for her Southern cooking themed show.  She knew she was out of line.  And now she is going to pay the piper.

Lucky for Paula, America is a racist forgiving country.  She’ll be back when the dust settles.  Hittin’ the insulin and serving up the chocolate gooey butter cookies.

Bonus cheap thrill.


Transcript of the Testimony of Paula Deen Date: May 17, 2013

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