Now it’s full of evil clowns

Some times.  Unfortunately.  Some times you have a front seat to a bad wreck.  I had one.  Today it came to a rest.  The damage is done.

I had a friend who I’ve known since the mid 80’s.  We called her Princess, which is what I will call her for the sake of this discussion.  She was a riot.  One of the funniest people I have ever known.  We did some of the silliest things.  As this settles into my brain I’ll remember them all.  She used to say “Why get married?  Why don’t you just go find someone you hate and buy them a house?”

We went to her baby shower dressed like Stepford wives and offered everyone Jello shots.  If they refused we’d whiz around saying “I thought we were friends!   I thought we were friends!”.

And then something terrible happened.  She lost her mind.  They’re right, a mind is a terrible thing to lose.  She thought her husband had listening devices throughout the house.  She spun a good story, it was almost believable.  She wanted me to sell her house.  I realized two weeks into the process she didn’t have the legal capacity to sign an offer if I got one.  She listed the house two other times and never sold it.  It was foreclosed on a couple of weeks ago.  She was supposed to have moved out exactly two weeks ago.  She was found face down in one of the rooms of that house.  

When she broke up with her husband, she moved out.  She didn’t want to leave her gun there but didn’t have anywhere to keep it.  I agreed to hold it.  It was a freaking cannon.  A .357 magnum.  Once I realized she had lost her mind I didn’t want to give her back the gun.  Her disease made her tear everything out of every drawer and cabinet searching for something she could never name.  She would put everything into a big pile in the middle of the room.  I had visions of her leaving that gun in that pile and her 4yo shooting himself.  I refused to return the gun directly to her.  Under advisement from The Brother, I handed the gun over to the Walnut Creek Police who never returned it to her.  Last I heard she was still telling everybody I stole her gun, even though she was the one who told me which officer to give it to.

Her husband in an effort to spare his son, took video of some of the insanity.  There’s a video of her trying to climb in through a doggy door and her son screaming “Daddy, don’t call the cops on her, give her one more chance.”  Gutwrenching shit.

Her mother drove out to her home today and found her, face down in her son’s room.  And gone.  The vacuum was still running.  She was supposed to be out of the house two weeks ago.

Princess, I really hope those demons didn’t follow you to the grave.  I hope you’re free, and kicking it.

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  1. Thank you for doing the right thing with that firearm and the right thing for her.

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