Summer fling, don’t mean a thing

I did a century yesterday.

There were times yesterday when I thought I would just collapse and fall off of the bike. It was so friggin’ hot out there. It was in the high 90’s when we left Sunol to head out Calaveras. Then it got really hot. 7400 feet of climbing. It was just brutal. Worse than anything on the ride itself, which is good. That means we are in shape for the ride. I did it all but I wanted to quit. I rarely want to quit. When we stopped at Safeway in Pleasanton I downed a big thing of coconut water and grabbed another one in Danville. The thing is, I actually got stronger at the end. I put down close to 300oz of fluid yesterday and did not have the potty stops to support that. Way too hot.

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This is old but adorable.  Kind of like me.

In truth, I hate Grease.

Collini out.

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