Stuck on Stupid

Kill the headlights and put it in neutral

Sometimes I wonder, which one is the real Satan.  Is it Rick Scott?  Could it be Jan Brewer?  Or Chris Christie?

Rick Scott has brought us the less than successful welfare drug testing program.  Yep, 96% totally clean at a great expense to the State of Florida which actually exceeded the cost of the program.  Well played asshat.  The truth is that the right wing narrative that welfare recipients are just sitting around on their ass taking your tax dollars and smoking weed all day turned out to be doo doo.  The truth is that most of society would prefer to carry their own weight.  Even the black people.  And the Mexicans.  And the immigrants.  Who knew?

Funny thing about those immigrants, they work harder than the folks who are born here.  As a matter of fact 40% of the Fortune 500 companies in 2011 were founded by…wait for it…immigrants or first generation Americans.  So Jan Brewer and all those other shriveled up nasty people in Arizona need to just STFU.

Chris, I want to like you, that’s the weird thing about you, I want to like you.  You make it so hard.  He termed his weight as “It’s really the only still-acceptable form of discrimination in our country.”  Really Chris?  Because James Holmes walking into a Colorado movie theater and shot 71 people.  He killed 12 and injured 48 but because he is a white boy from San Diego no one on the right is calling him a terrorist.  Those two clownshits in Boston are Muslim and the right wing is wetting themselves to call those two losers (Uncle Ruslan was right) “enemy combatants.  These guys were just two losers.

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