I’ll think of you each step of my way

For weeks I have been battling nature with Miss Cleo.  Three weeks ago I took her in for the second time expecting to put her down.  She hadn’t eaten in three days and was shutting down.  The vet looked at her and said “I’ll do it if you want me to, but I don’t think she’s ready to go”.  OK.  So $326 later we had some Flagyl some anti-diarrhea medication and a few days, maybe a few weeks.  We got the weeks.  Last week she started not finishing her meals again.  I started adding fresh hamburger and she ate everything.  Then she wouldn’t eat the raw burger.  So I went and bought her liver wet food and duck wet food.  And she at that.  Once.  And then she wouldn’t eat the liver wet dog food.  And then I tried to spoon feed her and she wouldn’t take it.  She got weaker and weaker, but during the day she would go outside and drink water and whiz where she was supposed to.  At night she couldn’t make the night without whizzing in the house.  She was incontinent and I couldn’t let her in the back of the house.


Yesterday when I got up her head was slung over the side of her bed.  She had wet herself again and a big puddle of drool was under her face.  I fed the other dogs, and tried to get her to get up.  She stood.  And collapsed.  I grabbed the truck keys, locked up the other dogs, scooped her up and carried her to the truck.  At 5:30am they had to bring her into the vet hospital on a stretcher.  There was no pushback from the vet.  This vet had seen Miss Cleo the first time I considered letting her go.  That was months ago now.  “You are opting euthanasia at this point?”.  Yes.

I truly believe she was hanging on because my house was the best part of her life and she didn’t want to give up her good thing.  I wish I had known her when she was young and full of life, she was an amazing dog.

I told her to look for Ike, that she had been a great dog and I loved her.  Godspeed pretty girl.

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