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I’m the other white meat known as ‘Kid Funky Fried’

This country has had better weeks.  And few worse.

Oh how we cling to our  guns because they are going to protect us.  No one would be able to hurt us if we all had our assault rifles.  No one would be able to place a bomb at a public event and murder three people and maim hundreds more.  And if they did the gun owners could just mow them down with their awesome firepower.

Yeah.  Didn’t happen.

Well, if those same two shit stains got into a gun fight we could defend ourselves and shoot back and…didn’t happen.

Your “Red Dawn” fantasy is laughable.

~Steve Marmel

Why is no one asking where these shit stains got their weapons?  Eh?  Anyone?  Beuller?

One guy wasn’t a citizen at all and had been checked on by the FBI at the bequest of another nation.  The other held a green card and was 19 years old.  Neither would have passed a background check.  But if you ask the family of Officer Sean Collier or Officer Richard H. Donohue Jr., keeping a gun out of the hands of those two shit stains would have been a good thing.  Wayne LaPierre, once again you have blood on your hands.  Two cops, 20 children, six teachers, 12 movie goers and all the injured.  58 in Aurora alone.  The list goes on and on.

The gun control issue has reached a fevered pitch.  King Obama is going to come and take all of your guns doncha know.  Even though he has done less to restrict our freedoms than he predecessor did.  Habeas corpus was suspended for certain persons under Bush.  Where was the outrage?  The hubbub over the Miranda warning goes back over 40 years.  Not Obama.  Call it the Patriot Act and take a big chunk of our freedoms.  Bush.  Not Obama.  Quite honestly the word “patriot” has been so abused that I look at it the same way I look at “gourmet” and “luxury”.  Hijacked by unscrupulous charlatans and snake oil salesmen for their own diabolical reasons.

All they were trying to pass was a law that required background checks and even that was watered down.  How many more have to die before we figure it out?  Or are we just going to go backwards, eschew civility and revert to the Wild Wild West?   But goddammit we’re free!  Or are we?

We have our guns.  It’s a victory for America.  We won last week when an entire community came under martial law and fought back…oh wait, no they didn’t.  They all went home and stayed there like the police asked them too.   We are free from a paramilitary police force…oh wait, that’s who roamed the streets of Boston, Cambridge and Watertown while the residents stayed inside.


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I really don’t understand why we’re ok with these heavily armed police departments with tanks and everything but goddammit we can’t let the government take our guns.  Here’s an idea.  You think you’re going to pick a fight with the government and live through it because you have an cache of assault weapons?  Your argument is invalid.  They found these little shit stains in four days and took them completely down in a little more than 24 hours, most of which was spent looking for them, while martial law was in effect in an entire community.  You will be toast the minute you think you’re going to raise a weapon to these guys.  They will burn that mutha down.


Speaking of fire…holy crap what the hell happened in Texas last week?

Rick Perry went to Illinois with the Texas is Wide Open for Business campaign.

When you have the kind of tax and regulatory policies in place (that Illinois does) . . . you are enticing businesses to fail.”

~Rick Perry

How’s that working for you Rick?

The last time this plant was checked was in 1985.  Almost 40 years ago.  Amazingly in the last 40 years they apparently stowed a little more ammonium nitrate than they should have.  And then destroyed an entire town.  Don’t have a heart attack in West, Texas.  Most of the firefighters and EMT’s are now dead.  But Texas is Open for business with none of those nasty liberal regulations to hinder the capitalism.  Well played.  That’s why Rick Perry can never advance to the national theater.  Ever.

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