Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

He walks, he talks, he smiles, he frowns, he does what a human can

I think the theme of the day is dichotomy.

I have a client who is vegan.  She is an animal lover and a dog walker and about five other things.  Last week we had the home inspections.  This is where the buyer has their inspector come through the house and find whatever they can that’s wrong with the place.  In this case there was nothing wrong with the house, but it gave us about three hours to just sit around and bullshit.  Always the best use of my time.

Anyway she got on a rant that I found quite interesting.  Conceptually it’s been rattling around in my head since Thursday.  She doesn’t eat meat because of the cruelty to the animals in the food chain.  She punctuated it with the following “So you’re upset that they are putting horse meat in your dead cow burger?”  Yeah, that’s a little ludicrous when you think about it.  Naturally that could extend to my lambskin wallet or my leather shoes.  She sited the grinding up of baby boy chicks because they are of no use to the chicken industry.  They call it instantaneous euthanasia.  It would be like putting your dog through a wood chipper.  It’s acceptable practice here in the United States.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  But Big Agra has greased enough palms that it is.  It’s possible to handle beef humanely, it just doesn’t happen in this country.  At the end of the day, an animal is killed for food.  Arguably that’s the circle of life but then I look at our pathetic society and wonder if it’s worth it.

I saw an interesting film a couple of weeks ago called Temple Grandin.  Everyone should see this movie.  It’s about a highly functioning autistic woman who revolutionizes the cattle industry.  Today over half of the cattle ranchs in America use her system.  That’s right.  The same little girl they told her mother to institutionalize changed an entire industry, with her research.

Marco Rubio.  WTF.  This guy went to school on the taxpayer’s dime but now comes back and doesn’t want anyone else to have the advantage that he did?  Idiot.

Benghazi.  I swear to God the next person that utters a word to me about Benghazi is going to wish I’d put them in a wood chipper.  Last week we were supposed to give a brief talk on the woman in the photograph that was randomly assigned.  This ignorant bitch said that Hillary Clinton was a terrible Secretary of State because she let Benghazi occur.  First, it’s not the first time a diplomat has been killed in service.  As a matter of fact, exactly nine were killed under the Obama Administration.  GW lost 69 not counting the 2958 Americans who were killed on September 11, 2001.  But look back in history at the bang up job Bush I and Reagan did.

So all of you Benghazi idiots, STFU.  You don’t know what you’re talking about.

This one is still in my craw.  Probably because this is Woman’s History month.  Janis Lane, you are too pathetic to vote.

The Fog of War is Robert McNamara talking about how the Viet Nam war was built on a lie.  He now believes that the so called attack in the Gulf of Tonkin never occurred that there was just an over excited radio operator who thought he saw something that wasn’t there.  Now comes this.  LBJ landing Marine One on top of the Hilton really would have been something.  And he should have ratted out Tricky Dicky.

And then there is the never ending parade of assholes that dump their dogs.  This guy was dumped in Richmond.  He’s got Wobblers and is probably 8 years old.  He is easily as old as Norman.  And somebody just turned him out to fend for himself.  Thankfully with some work from the Doberman community and some other connections he’s going to a senior sanctuary in Petaluma.  And good Lord willing his former owner is going straight to hell.

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This guy won’t be staying with me but he will be getting a forever home at a senior sanctuary.

Bill the Dog is still here but hopefully the family from yesterday’s meet and greet decides to take him.



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