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Where to start?

I just got home from five days in Dallas.

Am I the only one that finds it curious that these cardinals are being deposed before getting on a plane to the Vatican to vote on the new Pope?  Isn’t there something fundamentally wrong with the Catholic church at this point?

I am seeing such incredible stupidity right now that I just wonder what the hell is wrong with people.  A classic from Mr. Stewart who is sadly a better source of news than the Faux news station in this country.

I kind of want to punch that lady in the face. How stupid do you have to be? Yeah, I pretty much kept my mouth shut while I was in Texas. Dallas ain’t Austin.

I got cable for the Super Bowl. I haven’t had cable in four years. I’ve gone four years without commercials from the drug companies. We are a bunch of stupid lazy shits. In one of Gary Keller’s four talks that I heard he spoke of being diagnosed with high cholesterol in his mid-30’s. The prescribed Lipitor and sent him on his way. One problem. He was the 1% that had a rare side affect where his legs were for lack of a better word “agitated” by the drug. He went to Dr after Dr to no avail. Finally one Dr. did recognize it as a rare side affect and tried several other drugs to manage his cholesterol. Finally Gary decided to implement a diet and exercise plan and went off the drug on his own. When he went back for a check up his numbers were normal. The Dr. said “Oh this one’s working”, Gary said “No, I went off that four months ago and started eating right and moving my body more.”

The drug companies want to sell you shit. That’s why they advertise on television. Eat right and move more. That is all.

BTW another thing he mentioned was the fact that his first wife ran around on him and then left him. How would you like to be the idiot that ran around on that guy? Karma, she’s a bitch.

At the end of the day I got cable for $19 a month. I can live with that. I’m still watching my Netflix, I just now get to see Rachel Maddow at night, if I remember. She disemboweled Ted Cruz last night.

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What the hell is the matter with us? The Brother says the point of college is to teach you how to think. For the love of God, think people. Think!

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