Santiago died because he had no code

I’m going to say it, because it needs to be said.  I think Christopher Dorner was right.  His method was wrong.   I am willing to bet the other cop did kick the suspect, his report was not a false one and he was wrongfully dismissed.

Unless you’ve lived in Southern California and paid attention you don’t know how bad the LAPD’s history really is.  I will never forget, and I bet Old Title Guy remembers, the football player from USC who got picked up on a drunk in public and ended up hanged under the care of the LAPD.  I remember the kid had a 3.5 GPA and had no reason to kill himself, yet there he was hanging in his cell.  It was clear that he had also been beaten.  Darrell Gates was still running the show back then.  The dead footballer that evoked the comment from the LAPD that the negros just “died easier”.  Talk about a W.T.F. moment.  Say what?

The Oakland Police Department was taken over by a Federal judge ten years ago in an effort to stem the bullshit that was going on there.  Oakland, like Los Angeles is a tough town to police.  So is San Francisco, but for the most part SFPD does a much better job than the other two.  They sure don’t have many college students hanging in their cells.

I think Christopher Dorner ran face first into the Blue Curtain and was consumed by it.  I think he started out a decent guy and lost his way.  Mightily.

Real change in this country is messy.  That goes back to the real tea party clear through the 60’s, ACT-UP in the 80’s.  After years of abuse by the LAPD, as wrong as he was, maybe this guy losing his mind is the catalyst for change.  If so, it’s pretty sad that it took this much for someone to pay attention.

The human side of this is the damage he did to so many families.  The first two murders were particularly heinous.  After that he was just another cop killer.  Those guys all had people who loved them.  Those families are shattered forever.

I wonder with all of this if he managed to pierce the Blue Curtain or strengthen it.  Will this finally shine God’s flashlight on the racism and abuse in the LAPD?  Or does it make it worse?

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  1. The most offensive part about this whole thing is the two LAPD guys who shot up the two women who were delivering papers. Over a hundred rounds were shot between the two of them. That means, considering the standard load in a Glock is seventeen, they had to reload. Twice.

    Maybe the snapping point for Dorner was getting passed over again and released from the Navy. Not much has been said about that.

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