Looking for a new fool

I think I just saw dumbest meme of the day.  Already.  At 8:15.  It was a picture of Kent State saying that the Kent State Massacre by government goons happened because the students weren’t armed.  Seriously?  How stupid do you have to be?  The funny thing is the person who posted this is my age.  Erego, he should know that Nixon was President in 1970, the students were “dirty hippies” back then and the idea that they would have guns would have gotten the entire country in a twist.  Let’s see, who on the left had guns back then…hmmm the Black Panthers, The Weather Underground (you know that guy Bill Ayers that Obama met once when he was 7 years old, yeah that guy) the SDA which ended up splintered and the SLA who ended up kidnapping Patty Hearst.  Back then we didn’t want any of those guys to have guns.  Or explosives.

So drawing parallels between Kent State and today’s radical gun owners couldn’t be farther from the truth.  If you’d like a better parallel, connect the dots between the SLA and the NRA, shorter journey.  That’s right, this year’s radicals are the NRA.  Don’t make me find Daddy Bush’s resignation letter from the NRA.  Too late.

Now, Fox News.  You can’t have it both ways.  You just can’t.  The fact that you exist is proof positive that Obama is not a dictator, a king, a fascist, a communist, a socialist or any of the other asinine monikers you use because you are too stupid to intelligently debate real facts.  Truly, I kind of wish he was so you and all of your idiotic follows would go away.


The thing about the internet is that it provides a forum for the true nutjobs to state their case, present company, notwithstanding. Did you know that there are a bunch of whackjobs out there that think that Sandy Hook was staged in order for Obama to take away everyone’s guns?  Seriously.  Or better yet, this caller in to 1020KOAN.com in Alaska.  Obama “made the Sandy Hook shooting happen” to get re-elected.  When it was pointed out to the mouthbreather that Sandy Hook happened a month after the election he responded “that’s your opinion”.  No.  That’s what we call a fact.

Let’s end with a Joe Biden quote, because I think a Joe Biden reality show would be just awesome.

“As one hunter told me, if you got 12 rounds, it means you already missed the deer 11 times.  You should pack the sucker in. You don’t deserve a gun, period, if you’re that bad.”

Here is proof positive, to repeat a meme, It’s Gun Appreciation Day because Indifference to Dead Children Day doesn’t have the same ring to it.

You’re welcome.

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