Happiness Is a Warm Gun

If there was a contest for the biggest asshole of 2013, I have the nominee right here.  And God help us if any one comes close to these asshats.

Quite honestly, it makes me want to take a potshot at Wayne St. Pierre.  With an AR-15.  With a 100 round drum.  Not that I want to shoot anyone, just to prove once and for all, he’s full of shit.  Not only is the ad disgusting as to content, but it’s wrong.  Dead wrong.  Number one, the President’s kids have always had access to the Secret Service because we don’t want some rogue something or other kidnaping the President’s children and holding the nation for ransom.  Hello?  BTW, you can’t call Obama a fascist a socialist a king or a communist if you produced that ad and you aren’t rotting away in the equivalent of a Turkish prison.  Idiots.

When is this family of whack jobs going to be sent home?  Why does anyone listen to them?

Here is the truth about guns.  Armed guards were present at this incident.  Actually arguably the best in the world were present at this incident.  And the President of the United States was shot and James Brady was critically injured.

What makes these asshats think that Barney Fife at an elementary school is going to be able to stop anything.  I hope to God that PBE readers know why it’s called the Brady Bill.  Feinstein takes a lot of grief for her assault weapon ban but I defy any one to match her personal history as a citizen.  Unless you are the one person who spoke to Dan White between the assassination of George Moscone and Harvey Milk, had the windows of your house shot out and had a bomb set in front of your house, you don’t get to talk here.  I assure you very few of these gun nuts have had one of these things happen on American soil.  Nor are they in any position to have any of them happen.  The idea the the US government is going to come and I don’t even know what these knuckleheads think is going to happen is paranoid and delusional.  The biggest threat from the government is a wrong door raid.  If you’re armed to the teeth and shooting back, you’re dead.  If you’re compliant you have a suit against the government and you live to fight another day.  Which is better?

I love to pick on Feinstein and her helmet hair, but the truth of the matter is she has always been a reasonable voice for the people.  She’s so filthy rich is just doesn’t matter for her, so she does what she thinks is best.  If she’s a Democrat that aggravates me, she’s flying right down the middle which is where this country should be run from.  That’s where Clinton stayed and let’s see, we did okay under him.  The jackass Republicans spent a tremendous amount of taxpayer money on a blow job, which at the end of the day, didn’t matter to Clinton and surely didn’t matter to Hillary.  Kenneth Starr did ok, he spent around $7.2 million taxpayer dollars on that.  For what?  I know Clinton lied.  Because oh my god we have never been lied to by a politician before.  Or since.






  • OldTitleGuy

    It still bemuses me that we somehow think that we can cure a societal problem by throwing another law at it. The dialogue on both sides of the gun control issue is befuddling at best. Outlaw a specific look of rifle? It’s worked so well here in California. (just as an example, compare the functionality of a mini-14 –a completely legal California rifle — and an AR15 –banned in California –, there isn’t any. Banning specific rifles isn’t a cure for anything. It’s sorta like banning Corvettes to cut down the traffic fatalities.
    Nobody argues for eliminating the regulation on fully automatic rifles which has been in effect since the thirties. This control is necessary and proper. Doesn’t keep the bad guys from getting full-autos but it helps.
    The magazine restrictions are meaningless. Just more feel-good legislation. How long does it take to swap a magazine? Three seconds, tops? If you’re clumsy?
    We need to find a way to wildly expand the federal database that is used in every gun purchase to be far, far more inclusive and to provide for due process to easily appeal being banned on that list. The DEROS system here in California is slightly better, but doesn’t cross state lines. The data is there, just not provided by the States.
    Criminals? Use a gun, get five years (no judicial discretion) in the can. Just a suggestion.
    Gun-free zones? There were signs up at Virginia Tech, I guess the guy just didn’t see them.

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