In her glass was a bleeding man

It’s time for the Wine Dog’s 2012 rehash.  We’ve seen everybody else’s list.  Well, my list is stuff that pissed me off.

“Something has gone terribly wrong when the biggest threat to our American economy is the American Congress” ~Senator Joe Manchin

One can only hope.  Seriously, what kind of nitwit takes an imagine pledge to a freaky little twit who uses the term “poopyhead” in a political setting on national television?  Grover Norquist be gone!

The idea that there are non-negotiables for the most part is ridiculous.  The fact that millionaires pay less taxes than you or me should not be a non-negotiable when it comes to raising taxes.  Raising taxes on the middle class should not be, although I think most of the problems can be solved by closing loopholes at the high end.  The attitude of those at the top does not make them job creators.  It makes them greedy.  The job creators now come from within.  Average Joe’s starting companies and doing the right thing.  The Teabillies that are standing firm on not raising taxes are from the same States that have to worst poverty in the country.  Not their problem apparently.  These people are ridiculous and their time has passed.  If you care that much about government waste, reject your lifetime health care and pension.  Yeah, I thought not.

No more teabaggers going forward, because we are going forward.  With or without you.

Good riddance asshats.  The worst Congress since the 1940’s.  An embarrassment.  Legislations aways comes from a place of negotiation.  Negotiation means one side gives and little and the other gives a little and you find the middle.  When one side refuses to budge on anything, that is not what you assholes were paid to do.  We all don’t get exactly what we want.  Shame on all of you.  Why did you jackasses not extend the Mortgage Forgiveness Act of 2007?  Yet you had time to convene on steroid use in the NFL?  You brought this country past the brink on the fiscal cliff, only to final buckle at the last second?  Obama called your shit out.  Don’t let the door hit you clowns in the ass on the way out.

Hillary Clinton.  She got sick.  She got dehydrated and she fainted. She hit her head and ended up with a concussion.  So the right wing nuts went into a frenzy.  Because they are trying to make something of Benghazi that just isn’t.  Because they’ve got nothing.  Here is a list of eight people who should never be taken seriously again.  If anyone every took Alan West seriously in the first place.  You eight people are complete assholes.

And I would say the worst person in the world would be either the numbnuts that blamed the Newtown massacre on gay marriage and abortion, and there are a ton of those idiots out there, or Wayne La Pierre.

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