We may lose and we may win, though we will never be here again

I’m sure we’ve all gotten one or two of these recently. Like it matters any more. Everybody is out of the pool except for a couple of candidates and it’s not even Super Tuesday. One of the things that has always pissed me off was the first Presidential election I was able to vote in. It was November, 1980 and I was planning on voting when I got home from work. As I was driving to the poll, they announced that Jimmy Carter had seceded to Reagan. The California polls were still open, it was my first Presidential election and I didn’t matter. So I voted for John Anderson. He got 7% of the popular vote. I could have cared less about the guy, it was my way of saying, yeah I do matter dammit. So six days out from when I get to vote, they’re dropping like flies. Edwards and Guiliani dropped out yesterday, Fred Thompson a couple of days ago, (although I’m not sure he counts, he didn’t seem that invested in the process) Kucinich last week, it’s basically a two horse race on the Democrat side and just a matter of time until Huckabee and Paul go away on the Republican side. Now we’re back to picking the ones that are least offensive. I’m sad that these others have dropped out. I’m aggravated at the media for not giving everyone equal air time at these debates. And I was really hoping for a food fight. I think I’m voting for Mike Gravel, just because I’m pissed off.

I’m really sick and tired of the media trying to tell us what to do and how to feel. I think it reached critical mass for me after 9/11. At the time I worked for Morgan Stanley. Their headquarters was located in the World Trade Center and I had worked there during the month of May, 2001. Here they are telling their audience in the banners “Time to Mourn”, then “Time to Heal”. Really? Five days later you’re going to tell a wife and mother in New Jersey that it’s time to get over the loss of her husband in the worst terrorist attack in the history of this country? Really? She has seen her husband’s office building burn and implode ad nauseum on a 24 hour loop for the last three days, but now it’s time to heal? That did it for me with the media. You can report it, but don’t tell me how to feel. And now they’re driving the Presidential Election and that pisses me off.

Now for some bon mots and cheap shots.

From the comments drawer, this little gem showed up and might be missed by some of our gentle readers, sooooo, as a public service, because that’s how we roll, reprinted here …

1. Patty Hauptman is in for a huge surprise. A top San Francisco law firm has taken, on a contingency basis !! the case of a senior manager of Alliance and after review of contracts , etc is very confident of their ability pursue not only Mercury, their insurance carriers and the Hauptmans personally. Buckle your seat belts this is going to get interestingComment by jensen — January 31, 2008 @ 11:35 am

I’m getting me some buttered popcorn for that! And from the Wine Dog’s inbox:

…wanted to let you know that I SO value your level of experience! I’ve
been involved in the same conversation about outsourcing for Escrow
Officers, of which I feel the same way! Great, good for me, I’ll be bustin’
tail…no one in the shoot to be trained and just where will it all go like
when for instance…I RETIRE?! Leave…croak? Sheesh!!! And seriously, this
was the Presidents response, “what do you care you’d be retired we’ll figure
something out by then” Just where and how do the title companies convince
themselves the consumer would be better served? Incredible!*

Aw shucks!

And about that little devil dog of mine…

I’ve got a woodpile in the back yard. In that woodpile, on account of the fact that the weather has been so crappy, a family of rodents has taken up residence. Rita wants desperately to, I don’t know, probably devour the rodents. So when put out she zeros in on and climbs all around the wood pile.


And forgets to do what she is out there to do in the first place. Tonight I will have to unstack the woodpile and dismantle the mouse house just so I can get my dog to crap in the back yard. It’s really going to suck to be me tonight. She’s also going to the vet for her first trip with me. She won’t let me pick her up to weigh her. The first time I got away with it and she weighed 49 pounds. The second time, she tore my shirt off of me and never got weighed. The third time, I did it very gently and she was fine until she was airborne. Then she thrashed like a alligator in the everglades trying to escape a alligator wrestler. I set her down as quickly and gently as I could, but my arms and stomach, which were uncovered because I didn’t want her to tear another shirt off of me, were thrashed. And never got weighed. So I give up. I’m paying to see the vet so I can have her weighed on their scales and then take her back to check her weight weekly with a clear conscience.

And finally

File this under “Things are rough all over”.

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  1. Well whomever that alliance manager is/was good luck but be on “Gaard” when engaging the machine, perhaps others can climb on board the bus and lend support!

    Also best wishes to my little monkey with a camera…a bit on irony for you…thanks for the baby’s arm holding an apple :>)..as always…

  2. ooooooohhhhh. I heard about 15 FNT employees turned in resignation letters yesterday. Ivy parked outside employees doors begging them to stay. I’m outta there too on Monday.

    speaking of Tubes references
    — talk to ya later 😉

  3. Wine Dog In response to your “quote” from the “prez” I hear you!…but somewhere along the way the correct path of normal business became a freeway to profits and as you know people will respect a path stay the course and not disturb nature in most cases….but….get them on a freeway where the masses can drive with little training and even less respect fot others..well if you commute in the bay area you get my point. It is about Money..fast money, cheap money and not about service any more. Go into any establishment who employees anyone from 16 to 26 and you’ll be lucky to get eye contact let alone a “hello, how are you today”…why? because they are not valued by their employer…they are replaceable and or expendable…so why should they care about you (or us)..the title biz has become just that..we’ve all called it fast food (an American tradition at its finest) and now we’ve sent our very own “Micky D’s” to the middle east…why? Profits!!!…screw the many to feed the greed of the few. Ted Chandler of LandAm fame pretends to be a regular down home NASCAR lov’in good’ol boy!..B.S.!! if he was truly a good’ol boy he’d keep american jobs in america. How many EO’s out there worth their salt would close on an un-edited prelim from across the pond?..show od hands please…one two..several..you there bleach blonde…sit down I said show of hands not CANS!…there’s a REP in every bunch!!!..anyway..my point Ted doesn’t care..close it anyway! Bill “F” doesn’t care..close the frick’in deal..and on and on…once you lowered the cost of doing business you could accept more risk..therefore more claims because there was more profit buit in again at our (the middle worker guy/gal) expense …..well my rant is done for the moment..I have to hit the medicine cabinet…yes another “white punk on dope”!..BTW: My first concert was the TUBES at the Greek!…big contact high that night!

  4. Skip,
    How dare you get me so fired up on a Friday afternoon! Can I get an AMEN!?!?!!

    Did The Motels and Pearl Harbor and the Explosions open? I saw that show.

  5. Fire’em UP!!!! AMEN!!!! and the concert as I remember was in 74/75/76? and no opener as I recall…..recall bing the operative word…OOooooo…look buterflies….

  6. Got my response from the DLSE regarding my wage claim:

    “The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) has received numerous complaints from former employees of Alliance Title Company throughout the state. After careful review, the DLSE has determined the most efficient method available to handle this matter is through a civil action pursuant to Labor Code section 98.3.

    Should you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

    Ethera Clemons
    Regional Manager”

    SF # 415-703-4810

  7. Hey skippity! last I heard LandAm prelims were produced in Portland Oregon. Did something change since a month ago?

  8. Actually, it wasn’t the Colosseum or the Greek, it was Henry J. Kaiser. And I’m sure they didn’t put that bill together twice.

  9. LandAm is still doing some pres in Martinez. Don’t know how long that will go on for. Maybe some of our LandAm friends know for sure. Or not.

  10. I was told they have title people in Martinez, maybe a recording unit, but the prelim production is in Portland Oregon. I filled out my paperwork and plan on working there. I got the hell outta dodge before the Hauptman family does it again.

  11. LandAm Production is done in Martinez at the moment. From what I’ve heard from my “friends” they are holding their collective breath hoping it doesn’t get moved. Portland is also doing production and are being trained on the bay area..so what does this all mean to the local folks..only time will tell. Now regarding out of the country production LandAm has built a production facility in India and has recruited “examiners” LOL from the FATCO facility. I believe the LandAm production in India has not yet included the bay area…but again if the goal is to produce at a lower cost to keep those stock prices in the target area then it is just a matter of time since Bay Area employees (and Calif. in general) are certainly more expensive than those in India….and again to stay competitive with FNT and FATCO LandAm must follow suit…just like we all did on rates and $250.00 escrow fees when one big company did it we all had to follow…remember?…EO in hell best wishes to you in your new location…I’m sure LandAm will not roll up the carpets and close the doors anytime soon….just keep those peepers open!

  12. From what I heard, 50% of the counties use the production staff locally and in Portland but there are some counties they order search packages for (from whom I don’t know) and then the production staff reviews the documents and issues a prelim.

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