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You’re in the mud in the maze of her imagination

The PBE mac is finally up and running again. Whew! It whistled at me and died a week ago Saturday. Thanks to the brilliant women of SFWOW I was able to work my way through the trouble shooting and get it fixed. It was a long process because it could have been anything. I did safe start ups, tried to start if from another disk, tried another monitor, turned to the east and bowed to Mecca, nothing. So I ordered a new graphics card (the probably culprit) and some extra RAM because hey, I was on the phone with the guy, and a new CD/DVD. I installed only the graphics card, hooked it up and pffft. Nothing. Nada. So I installed the CD/DVD thinking that perhaps I needed to load the software, even though it’s a mac. Still nothing. So I went last night and got the Mothership’s mac, thinking I would daisychain them and be able to see my hard drive from her machine with my firewire. (Who knew I was that smart?) So before I did the daisy chain, I hook her machine up to my monitor and pffft. Nothing. Nada. So I took her machine back to her house and at the last minute I decided to take my machine over there and test it. A week ago, it didn’t work. Last night it fired right up. So the monitor was blown too. So I head down to COMPUSA in SF for their last dying ditch effort to sell the inventory and got a beautiful 22″ wide screen for two bills. Plugged it in and here I am! Pleased as punch.

About BARF (Bay Area Rapid FUBAR)

You have one job, to move people. That’s what you get paid for. You don’t have to manufacture a product or do any sales. You move people. One thing. That’s it. You’re a government entity so you have no competition. Just move people. Knowing that you have only one job to do, why is it so hard to get it right. I know this will come as a shock to some readers, but it’s raining. It’s been raining since before there was a BARF. When they built it they knew that sometimes it was going to rain. Around 80 days a year it rains here. And sometimes it’s hot here. It’s over 90 degrees probably 40 days a year here. The rest of the time it’s generally pretty mild. BARF however, needs to run 365 days a year, not 245 days. So it needs to run on time in the rain. It’s not like there are deer running across the tracks. The tracks are subterranean or elevated. There’s no cross traffic. It’s a straight shot. Why is it so friggin’ hard to get the trains to run on time?

Back to the people moving concept. While watching Jillian Michaels get her ass kicked on the escalator last night was interesting, I get my ass kicked daily on BARF’s escalators, when and if they are running. It’s about moving people. If the escalators aren’t working, people aren’t being moved. If they aren’t being moved, they are trudging up the stairs and efficiency is out the window. You have one job, move people. It shouldn’t be as hard as you make it.

And furthermore

Some basic courtesies that I just can’t believe that people can’t pay attention to:

  • Walk left, stand right.
  • If you’re sick and snotty, stay off of the BARF. Really. Y’all are why I was sick six times since August. If you can’t control the hacking and snotting, stay the Hell off of public transportation. It’s just rude.
  • Speaking of rude, use your inside voice please. If the Wine Dog and The Sommelier can use their indoor voices after ZAP, y’all can first thing in the morning.
  • Be considerate. I offer my seat ladies older than me and gentlemen who are much older, i.e. elderly. Every single man should offer my nearly 50 year old butt a seat. I won’t take it, but be a gentleman fergodsakes and offer. Sheesh.
  • And pick up after yourself.
  • Thank you.

All quiet on the western front

For all of you that have been asking about our brethren at Financial, it’s been awfully quiet this week. If I didn’t have a good rant or two in me, I’d have to show you the girls.


  • dolphyngyrl

    I’d get started on the sucky government entities thing… But then I’d be off ranting, and we don’t need to go there. Now when I’m so full of beer and irritation.

    As for the human contingent… Dude… All I can say is you should know better by now. 😉

    Good to see the Mac is up again… Now:

    Rant on.

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