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The War on Drugs.  Why?

It’s been going on for 40 years now.  It was Nixon that declared a war on drugs.  Interestingly, Jimmy Carter campaigned on decriminalizing marijuana.  See, he wasn’t as bad as the Right made him out to be.  Because since it’s inception the War on Drugs has cost the American people financially, over a trillion dollars.  We’re moving at a clip of about $1716 per second right now.  In the time it will take you to read PBE we will have spent about a million dollars on the War on Drugs.  What did our money get us?

Well, at a rate of $35 billion per year we get about 9100 stoners arrested.  Someone is arrested every 19 seconds on a drug related offense.  That’s about 1.4 million people per year.  725,000 of them for pot.  And 9143 incarcerated last year.  That’s a rate of an incarceration for every $3,828,065 spent.  Maybe we are doing it wrong.

You don’t do any drugs, do you?  So this shouldn’t affect you in any way.  Unless the Police and the DEA do a wrong door raid on your home, shoot your dog, force your kids to lie next to your dead pets corpse while they rifle through your shit.  That wouldn’t happen in America…would it?  Actually it happens at an alarming rate right here in America.  One of my neighbors grows medical marijuana with a card and everything.  I pray that if they come they get the right door.  The way the DEA and Police work right now, they would shoot all five of my dogs.

But that’s not all.  They have put a gun to the head of an 11 year old girl, left diabetic kids on the floor in an extremely stressful situation with no medication, and killed 47 innocents.  All so they can put a lousy 9143 so called criminals in jail.  What are we doing?

In 1996 the DEA got approval to do paramilitary raids, also referred to as “No knock” raids on homes in America.  There is the unnecessary raids on Doctors or people who are sick with legitimate marijuana medical cards.  Because they are such a threat to society.

Why are these drugs illegal anyway?  Alcohol causes 2.5 million deaths every year.  Approximately 25,000 annually are from drunk drivers.  That rate is 71 per day.  Illegal drugs?  Not so much.  Stoners are classically non-violent.  Imagine if we taxed the 21 million plants that are grown in California annually?  The production is $13 billion.  At a tax rate similar to sales tax that’s over $1.37 billion dollars in REVENUE vs the expense of chasing around a bunch of stoners.

Oh we can’t legalize drugs we’ll have a bunch of addicts.  Hello!  Prescription drug addiction just surpassed illicit drug addiction this year.  It doesn’t matter, that ship has sailed.

Interesting factoid, the number one cash crop in America?  Marijuana.  But the government doesn’t get a penny from its production.  It’s spends $35 billion trying to stop it.  Number 2 cash crop? Corn.  Number 3? Soybeans.  Number 4?  Hay.  All of those are taxed.  What are we doing?

Who really opposes legalizing drugs?

  1. Police Unions
  2. Private Prison Corporations
  3. Alcohol and Beer Companies
  4. Pharmaceutical Corporations
  5. Prison Guard Unions.

What are we doing?

Oh if drugs are legalized everyone will be doing coke and meth and smoking pot and running amok.  Right.  Because we all do everything we can whether it’s legal or not.  Here’s the deal.  I could have a bottle of gin in my cupboard for 10 years and not touch it.  Why?  Because I don’t like gin.  So why would currently illicit drugs be any different?  If I were predisposed to go through a kilo of pot, coke or meth, I would.  If not, I wouldn’t.  If I were predisposed to drink a gallon of gin, I would.  I’m not so I wouldn’t.  It’s a stupid argument.

Let’s stop wasting time, money and resources chasing around a bunch of drug dealers, legalize it, bring it out into the open and be done with it.  It’s about personal responsibility.  Do it, it’s your problem.  Not ours.


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