Every tear-soaked whiskey memory blown away

Earlier this week the mother of all storms crashed into New Jersey and New York in particular.

Governor Christie started off basically telling his constituents that they were on their own.  He was still his arrogant annoying self.

Then something strange happened.  Sandy came through and washed him clean.  He got to actually spend time with the POTUS.  He got to see him in action and as the internets are saying a bromance budded.

What Christie learned which ignorant bastards like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh will never know is that Obama cares about this country and the people living here.  His team was ready to go and sprung into action.  There was no “you’ve done a heckofa job Brownie” moments.  FEMA was properly positioned and is getting real help to victims on the ground.  Victims.  You know, that 47%.  Victims.

If you heard Romney’s comments, you might notice what I did, which is when he actually mentioned the victims, he mentioned their financial loss first.  It’s what this guy cares about.

Here is the telling video.

Yes, the financial loss is devastating, but I can tell you, the loss of home, family members, jobs, community…all worse than the financial loss.  Insurance companies will compensate for some of the financial loss.  It just shows what this guy is made of.

Christie saw something else.  And quite honestly, I saw a different side of Christie.  He’s a guy I have loved to hate, but I would say today he’s a changed man.  For the better.

There is so much political crap out there.  For the first time in four years a Republican worked…really worked, with a Democrat and it is making a difference in New Jersey.  None of the he said she said bullshit that happened in Louisiana.  None of the incompetence.  The Government did it’s job.  Is doing.

If you listen to FEMA’s mission, it doesn’t involve being everything to everybody, but it does involving giving a hand up in emergencies, and that’s what they’ve done.  That’s the role of government.  To give a hand up.  Some would call that a hand out, fine.  Don’t accept the help then.  There are plenty of teabaggers in New Jersey.  Show me one that told the National Guard “Move on, I don’t need a hand out” and I’ll show you a six foot rabbit named Harvey.

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  1. Perhaps its the perception of Christie that has changed rather than Christie himself. One wonders how an arrogant annoying republican gets elected governor of a heavily Democratic state. I really liked his message to those who chose to stay and ignore mandatory evacuation. Evac orders are fairly common but not mandatory evac orders. Surely those dimbulbs who chose to stay deserve the consequences of their actions. Christie didn’t say he wouldn’t help, he did say that help would not be immediate. One wonders what a ‘first responder’ thinks about rescuing people who put themselves in harms way for no good purpose.

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