And this is crazy

Two posts in two days?  You gotta know something is really pissing me off.


Complete asshats.  This is why Citizens United was total bullshit.

We just got it up the ass here in the Bay Area to the tune of $4.90 per gallon.  And then we got it up the ass a second time when Chevron donated $2,500,000. to Romney’s campaign.  Total bullshit.

As much as I would like to pick on Sheldon Adelson, the truth of the matter is he’s in the gaming business.  And people are stupid.  That’s why he’s so freaking rich.  I don’t have a problem with him participating in the political process.  I have a problem with a guy with that much money buying his political influence.  And that goes to the renting out of the Lincoln room too.  Don’t believe in it.  It’s wrong.

BTW, Jeffrey Katzenberg is Obama’s largest contributor at around $2,000,000.  Yeah, I use all the zeros just to make you think.

I think political campaigns should be like the NFL and the NBA and have salary caps.  Then it’s an even playing field.  You can spend whatever you want up to X.  Not a penny over.  Then you have to spend your money wisely and get your message out.

There are a lot of nitwits freaking out because if you look at the lists Obama’s largest contributor are UC and the government.  It’s just where the employees are sourced to.  So government employees and employees of the University of California are big supporters of Obama.  Not really a surprise.  They both stand to be axed in a Romney Administration.  Why wouldn’t they support the guy that has their back.  Makes sense.

Once the NFL stopped Eddie D’s cheating ways the dynasty was over.  It doesn’t help that it took years for the Yorks to figure out how to run a football team.  Looks like they finally figured it out.  It’s possible that Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Esteban might have figured out how to run an NFL team too.

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