Praise the Lord I have a plan

Old Title Guy wanted me to pick on the Catholic church.  It’s as if the Bishops read PBE.

The Bishop of New Jersey, hereinafter referred to as Bishop Snookie, has said that if you support gay marriage you should not take communion.  Seriously dude?  Let’s break this one down.

Catholics don’t believe in birth control so they multiply in larger numbers than say, protestants, or snake charmers.  So there’s more of them, good for the Bishops, that means more people to have control over, equals more power.  Now, the ratio for gay kids to straight kids is one in ten.  Therefore out of every family of three, who each has three kids, probability is that every family like that has one gay kid.  And now Bishop Snookie has told them to ostracize that one kid or not take communion.  I don’t think that’s going to make God happy.

Of course that reminds me of my Irish client who told me every 9th kid born in America is black.  Since he was the nineth, he’s black.  But that’s a Pandora’s box of a different color.

I don’t know how or when we got the church so wrapped up into the running of the State, but it needs to stop.  Want to talk about the break down?  Bush’s faith based charities.  That should have never happened.

What would this country look like if the Catholics and the Mormons who can’t seem to stay out of politics had to pay taxes?  They aren’t using the money to minister to the poor and downtrodden.  They are using it with PAC’s for political capital.  Enough.  Enough.

Next week, the Westboro Baptist assholes.



  • OldTitleGuy

    Dontcha just love the new archbishop of San Francisco? Gets a DUI and alienates the SF gay community in less than a month?

    One of the great things about our society is the legal separation of organized religion from government. That’s the way it’s supposed to work anyway.

    Can’t wait to hear your take on Westboro. Everybody should join Patriot Guard even if they can’t actively participate.

  • The Brother

    I wish I knew hot to post a picture on a comment.
    Quit picking on Cordileone (can ANYONE say that without effing up and calling him Corleone?) OTG. Have you seen his head shot? She’s got a new hat, Fuschia no less, and matching lip gloss! That one’s in for the ride of her life.

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